I Can Dream, Can’t I?

The news media has swamped us all today with pictures of Barack Obama at the White House meeting with George W Bush. We saw the Obama’s arriving, watched as they were greeted by Laura and George on the front porch, dozed quietly on the sofa as they toured the inside of the house, then laboriously walked all around the outside.

So far as we’re aware, Barney was given no opportunity to bite the president-elect. Everything was kept very cordial.

In fact, too damned cordial. There has to be etiquette, of course. It’s how the rich and powerful behave when together at such times, but was I the only one who found the vision of Barack Obama, sat comfortably in a chair chatting amiably to George W Bush, somewhat frustrating?

It was never going to happen; to even expect it would be foolish. There was way too much at stake for the notion to, even momentarily, drift through Obama’s mind. But it did pass through mine.

Would it not have been the most wonderful image to carry through life to one’s grave, had Barack Obama stepped out of his limousine in front of the White House, walked over to the present incumbent, and punched him hard on the nose, saying:

“There you go, George, that one’s from the American people.”

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4 Replies to “I Can Dream, Can’t I?”

  1. I saw it too, well, part of it. When they were shaking hands I thought it was a forced smile and calculated, polite but cool smile from Obama. I can’t imagine, as someone who did so much community related work and someone who is against all things unfair and unjust, Obama would be actually thinking nice and pleasant thoughts at the presence of Bush.
    And if he did what you said you’d have liked to see him do, I’d just have an instant orgasm!

  2. Wouldn’t it be interesting, and entertaining, to listen in to Barack and Michelle’s comments once they were on their way home, after the White House meeting!?

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