Hurrah! It’s AIPAC Week

The arrival in the US of that latest King of the Jews, Benyamin Netanyahu, has sent a thrill of anticipation through the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). He’s come all this way to address them and offer his support.

It’s AIPAC Week in America, folks!

Beginning this morning, 7,000 or so members will be descending on Washington, holding around 500 meetings designed to lobby (read, ‘bully’) Congress into maintaining that special, loving, relationship with all matters Israeli.

‘Bibi’ will, of course, be paying a courtesy visit to the White House. He’ll no doubt choose the most gracious of language to tell Barack Obama where he can stick his demand for the Israelis to stop building in East Jerusalem.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has recently changed his mind about a ‘Two State Solution’ in the Middle East. All his political life, he’s opposed the idea bitterly. Now, however, he’s in favor of granting the Palestinians a State of their own – well, almost.

‘Bibi’ is a ‘No’ man: NO right of return for Palestinian refugees; NO sharing of Jerusalem with the Palestinians; NO weapons of any kind in a new Palestinian state, and certainly NO military.

On his arrival in America he declared:

Jerusalem is not a settlement, it’s our capital.”[1]

What’s wrong with Tel Aviv, then?

What Netanyahu is suggesting resembles more of a ghetto than an independent state. Isn’t that what the Palestinians have now?

Europe is presently decidedly cool towards its Middle East ally – so much so that an opinion piece in today’s Jerusalem Post stated:

Beyond assisting us to retain technological military superiority against bitter foes seeking our destruction, the US is the only power capable of preventing the dominant Islamic Conference and its acolytes – including the Europeans – from imposing international sanctions against us. Without the veto power of the US at the UN Security Council, we would already be facing extraordinary problems.”[2]

The recent revelations concerning Mossad’s involvement in the assassination of Hamas leader, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, in Dubai last month, and the supplying of cloned British and Irish passports to its operatives, has chilled the relationship between Israel and Europe considerably.

So much, in fact, that the British government, in keeping with its wimpish reputation, has today ordered the expulsion from the country of a minor Israeli diplomat.[3]

It’s not known which diplomat is effected. Rumor has it the official second-in-command of urinal sanitization at the Israeli Embassy is the most likely candidate.

The US clings precariously to its favorite ally, urged on by the good Jewish ladies of AIPAC. President Barack Obama strives to resolve the Palestinian problem, battling with his own countrymen and women bitterly opposed to any Arab concessions following the shock and awe indoctrination meted out to them by the previous administration of George W Bush & Co, following 9/11.

This, of course, had nothing whatever to do with the Palestinians.

Meanwhile, in a collection of no-man’s lands that could be labeled, ‘Palestine’, life – of sorts – goes on.

[1] “Obama to hold talks with Netanyahu amid Jerusalem row” BBC, March 23rd 2010

[2] “Netanyahu must get his act together – Isi Leibler” Jerusalem Post, March 22nd 2010

[3] “Britain expels Israeli diplomat over Dubai passport row” BBC, March 23rd 2010

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  1. This lobby is extraordinarly powerful, RJA, and like the insurance companies, pretty much sacrosanct from justice, forgiveness or compassion.
    Lobbies have ruined democracy.

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