How Low Can Politicians Sink? Wisconsin Has The Answer

No doubt we all remember the weeks of turmoil in Madison, Wisconsin, when the governor, Scott Walker, tried to take away the bargaining rights of teachers, firefighters, police officers, and other public sector workers, ostensibly to save money for the state.

Finally, Scott Walker admits what we all knew already: taking away bargaining rights doesn’t save the State of Wisconsin one penny.

This was a clear attempt to strip away the hard-won rights of workers by a Republican party under the control of big business.

What other possible reason could they have for attempting to suppress working people in this way?

Walker makes a feeble attempt to defend his actions, following the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s hearing, in a video released on YouTube. He tries to argue that collective bargaining is not a worker’s right, just like the landed gentry and mill owners of 19th century Britain did, when eighteen hours was a normal working day and a pittance was the reward.

Anyone wishing to hear the further rantings of this apprentice megalomaniac can find it at the link below. That he is allowed to use the emblem of the Oversight Committee as a frontispiece for this video says much about the impartiality (or lack of) of the committee’s chairman, Darrell Issa, a Republican from California. (Note the tweets in support of Walker’s video, both of them originating from Issa’s office).[1]

[1] “Committee on Oversight & Government Reform , April 14th 2011

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  1. I saw this on MSNBC the other night (not sure whether it was The last Word, Rachel Maddow, or Cenk Uygur’s show). It one of those redeeming moments that, of course, will never make the mainstream media. Congressman Kucinich nailed it; Congressman Issa, chairman of the committee, squelched it.

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