Honors – Received And Bestowed

Sparrow Chat has been memed by “Not Your Mama” over at “Coyote Angry”, and awarded the dubious title of a “Thinking Blogger”.

We (the ‘royal’ first person seems appropriate in the circumstances) are indeed honored to be even considered, and especially so given the high regard in which “Not Your Mama” is held by ourselves and others in the blogging fraternity.

It behooves us to name five other blogs of similar merit, and while our recommendations may or may not please other readers, there are some that come instantly to mind. Unfortunately, “Not Your Mama” – being the instigator – cannot be where we would otherwise have placed her, and so we hereby appoint to the Order of Thinking Bloggers the following “Knights of the Internet”.

Kneel before us:

Sir Al Devito of “Vineyard Views” – for a blog par excellance; a mine of thought-provoking comment from a Martha’s Vineyard viewpoint. The “Vineyard” has always been one of my favorite browses.

Already a Dame of the Blogosphere, Peacechick Mary at “Knock Knock” surely must be winner of the “Thinking For Peace” award. I doubt anyone has thought so long and hard, or written quite so ably on that subject.

For sheer cussed diverseness, “Flimsy Sanity” gets our award. One never knows what wondrous gem she will winkle out next and present for our delectation, in a never ending procession of fabulously interesting posts.

While we like to keep our selections to the ‘amateur’, one blog that could not possibly be overlooked for the “Thinkers” award is Monbiot.com. As a British investigative journalist, George Monbiot is second to none and he is the master of scrupulous research in exposing the wrongs of governments and corporations.

The last choice was the most difficult. As this award is presented to “Thinking Bloggers”, rather than the many good, honest reporters around, we have decided to present our final award to Mike at “From Chaos to Order”. Mike is a young classical musician and an accomplished photographer. He describes himself as a “philosophical analyst”; “an introvert with extroverted ideas”; “a Filipino”, and “an American”. But more than all these, Mike is a thinker. He thinks about his life and what is happening around him, not in a selfish – or even self-centered – way, but with a philosophical approach that few young people bother to attempt.

The list could go on almost ad infinitum. Alas, the restriction was five.

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4 Replies to “Honors – Received And Bestowed”

  1. Good non-God! To be even linked with your professional writing is a considerable honor. Thank you.

    I’m concerned about the Brits who are being detained in Iran. Terribly explosive situation, don’t you think?

  2. PM – Your writing is very worthy. As for the Iran debacle, it could be explosive if Bush & Co decide to interfere. Left alone, I think Blair will play the diplomatic channels – he’s hardly likely to go to war with Iran. A similar situation occurred in 2004, and ended peacefully after a lot of muttering on both sides. Last night, in relation to the story, NBC made much of the US military build-up in the Gulf, but really the US needs to keep well out of it.

    Mike – well deserved.

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