Here Is A Round-Up Of The Bullshit That Passed For ‘News’ In The U.S. Tonight

You gotta laugh! What a farce! US Secret Service agents getting their hands smacked for dallying with prostitutes? Give me a break. This is the CIA we’re talking about. And all over $47.[1]

Apparently, one of the floosies didn’t give value for money and rather than cough up an additional $47, the disgruntled guy raised a rumpus that now has the whole lot of them confined to barracks, and being laughed at by Mossad, Ogpu, Stazi, MI5, and every other shower of psychopathic, government-sponsored assassins on the planet.

“We let ‘the boss’ (Barack Obama) down,” says US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin Dempsey.

Give me a break!

Psst! The President’s the one NOT wearing the shades.

Less of a laughing matter is the irresponsibility of the US Internal Revenue Service, which is denying citizens their legal tax rebate because gangs are fraudulently infiltrating their ‘system’ (or lack of it) and claiming the rebates of dead servicemen and other unfortunate victims of this taxation scam.

Instead of doing the decent thing by admitting their security is non-existent and coughing up what they owe to the proper tax payer, the IRS just says, “Sorry, we’ve already paid you out. Not our fault if someone has hoodwinked us and stolen your money.[2]

Perhaps if they came up with a proper ‘Pay As You Earn’ taxation system, like every other ‘civilized’ nation on the planet, such fraud could never be perpetrated.

The drawback is they then wouldn’t get to keep your overpaid tax money for twelve months, and earn all that lovely interest, which, by the way, legally belongs to you.

Still, if the prostitute you hired tonight didn’t perform to your satisfaction, and you got home to find a letter from the IRS informing you your tax rebate had been claimed by someone in Uganda, you can always head on over to New Jersey where they’ve just issued their first cannabis-growing permit to a company called, “Greenleaf Compassion Center.”[3]

Who the hell thought up that crazy name?

There’s one minor drawback: the permit is for growing pot, but ‘Greenleaf Compassion Center’ isn’t disclosing their cultivation site. Now that’s hardly compassionate.

Oh, well, I guess it just isn’t your night.

[1] “Secret Service revokes security clearances of 11 accused of misconduct” CBS News, April 16th 2012

{2] “Tax refund fraud affecting many innocent people” CBS News, April 16th 2012

[3] “N.J. issues first permit for legal pot growing” CBS News, April 16th 2012

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4 Replies to “Here Is A Round-Up Of The Bullshit That Passed For ‘News’ In The U.S. Tonight”

  1. It’s amazing that the P.A.Y.E. system hasn’t reached these shores, isn’t it?
    Likewise buried power lines, proper drainage facilities, public transport(in this area at least), and, of course the biggie: health care for all.

  2. Twilight – yes, and yet they still manage to convince the citizenry that this is the best and most advanced nation on earth.

  3. I file taxes for US and dual citizens here, RJA, and I am amazed at the unnecessary complexity and the fact that no interest is earned on the overpaid taxes. I hadn’t realized it was also a gaming system, stacked against cheated tax payers. Wow!

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