Have You Had Your ‘National Referendum’ Yet?

I received a letter yesterday from Republican Congressman John Boehner, the House Republican Leader. Well, in truth, it was sent to my wife. She’s an American citizen. I’m not, so I don’t count.

As my wife is certainly ‘left of center’, she made to throw it in the garbage, but I stopped her. After all, if the illustrious Mister Boehner takes the trouble to write, it’s only good manners to respond.

The envelope was marked: “NATIONAL REFERENDUM ENCLOSED”, and the contents began:

“Dear Fellow American……I’ll keep this short and sweet……”

It then continues for two pages……(!)


Apart from blacking the registration and voting district code, all other graffiti on the letter is Mister Boehner’s own work.

Basically, Mister Boehner wants to, “……..end the reign of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House – before she and President Obama do irreversible damage.”

To help achieve this end he enclosed a questionnaire. Apparently, my wife is the hand-picked representative of our town (which is amazing considering her politics) and her answers are crucial to ejecting Nancy Pelosi from her position.

Quite how Mister Boehner & Co intend to achieve this dethronement isn’t made clear, but the letter is an obvious attempt to a) obtain money (“Enclosed is my most generous financial gift……etc.) and, b) obtain a quantity of heavily loaded data to ‘prove’ the majority of Americans are solidly behind Boehner & Co’s devious tactics.

While most party literature is only sent to known members, this communication has been deliberately sent to both sides. Obviously, the vast majority of non-Republicans who receive one will do with it exactly as my wife did – chuck it in the garbage.

This is exactly what they expect to happen. That way, only questionnaires completed by Republicans will be returned, and Boehner & Co can truthfully state that, of all those received back at party headquarters, nearly 100% were solidly in favor of ousting Pelosi.

So, if you’ve been hand-picked to represent your town in this great ‘National Referendum’ on Nancy Pelosi, don’t toss it, complete it by marking an ‘X’ in all the “NO” boxes, and return it in the envelope provided.

And, don’t put a stamp on it. It’s a ‘Business Reply Mail’ envelope and it’ll cost the NRCC to get it back.

I’m just off out to the mailbox.

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3 Replies to “Have You Had Your ‘National Referendum’ Yet?”

  1. I like the “the American people are fed up with big government” – surely what he means is “Republicans are fed up with not getting their own way all the time”?

    “It will be the end of the road … for trillion dollar spending sprees” – ummmm – how much did GW spend when he was in power?

    I wonder how many other people will see it for the con-trick it is…

  2. He’s trying to squeeze a few more $$$ from representatives of the Great Unwashed, that’s all. Maybe needs a new boat or a few weeks in the Bahamas.

    What an a/h!

    Thing is though, Obama is turning out to be no better (well, hardly better if I’m feeling kind, which I’m not) than the Republicans. It’d be laughable if it didn’t make one cry.

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