Has Trump Finally Made A Sane Decision?

By the sheer laws of chance even a madman can occasionally produce an apparently sane decision. Donald Trump’s choice of Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster1 as his National Security Advisor is an eminently sane one, springing from a host of otherwise crazy decisions by the present incumbent of the U.S. White House.

Known for his intellect and an insatiable need to speak his mind regardless of the consequences, McMaster was one of few commanders in Iraq building bridges with the Iraqis while the majority were kicking down doors and dragging the occupants away to internment camps and prisons like Abu Ghraib.

Only time will tell whether McMaster is able to control the unstable temperament of his political boss, and the other madmen presently at large in the presidential abode that’s become an asylum for the alt-right insane, but if he can’t do it then no-one can, and the future will indeed look bleak for us all.

[1] “Trump names Lt Gen H R McMaster as national security adviser” BBC, February 21st 2017

4 Replies to “Has Trump Finally Made A Sane Decision?”

  1. WWW – not at all – Bannon is totally incapable of making a right decision. Trump may occasionally manage it, but only when the coin comes down ‘heads’.

    Twilight – in today’s world hymns may prove beneficial, possibly a few prayers, also?

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