Hard To Believe………

Tony Blair feels “deep sorrow” over Britain’s role in the slave trade.

In an article reported by the Observer newspaper he says, “It is hard to believe what would now be a crime against humanity was legal at the time.”

Apparently, the British government is drawing up plans to mark the bicentenary next year of the abolition of the slave trade. It always irks me how those of us alive today are expected to feel shame for the actions of our long-dead ancestors. Sorry, mate, but it was nothing to do with me. I wasn’t around at the time.

As for Tony Blair’s “deep sorrow”, judging by his last four year’s foreign policy, I doubt he feels genuine sorrow for anything.

In another two hundred years time, will a British prime minister say of this decade’s horror in Iraq……..:

“It is hard to believe what would now be a crime against humanity was legal at the time?”

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3 Replies to “Hard To Believe………”

  1. Mr. Adams,

    Golly, I’m still feeling guilty about everything since that unfortunate business with Adam, Eve, and the snake — but I do see your point!

    By the way, I love your bird banners! In fact, I like your new digs very much.

  2. This is beautiful! Love it – well done. As for the Iraq situation, it was illegal when they started and Tony knows it. Thanks for letting me know you had moved. When I didn’t see you come up on the site feed for awhile, I was just about ready to send out the search and rescue dogs. So, by letting me know, you saved yourself a few sloppy wet licks in the face. Good on yer!

  3. Xristi – so glad you found me, and I’m pleased you like Sparrow Chat’s new home. There’s still a few niggles to sort out, but at least it’s habitable now. As for feeling guilty – lose it! What our ancestors were responsible for has nothing whatever to do with us, provided of course we don’t perpetuate their transgressions. Let Adam, Eve, and the snake shoulder the burden of their own sins. Most of us have enough of our own!

    PM – that’s the one problem with site feeds. We tend not to visit unless there’s something new to see. I’m expecting to lose a few regulars initially, but hopefully they’ll coming looking when they’ve not heard from me for a few weeks. I’m almost sorry I let you know, though. I’m rather partial to sloppy wet licks in the face.

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