Happy Thanksgiving!

Another Thanksgiving Day; a day when most Americans stuff themselves beyond capacity with turkey and pumpkin pie, clinic and give thanks to their God for – what?

Here are a few suggestions:

For providing us with a food surplus at our table, sick while You let millions in the world starve to death – we give You thanks.

For propagating the deaths of 3, for sale 709 Iraqi civilians only last month by our pre-emptive invasion of their country, while we remain safe in our homes – we give You thanks.

For keeping us safe from harm, while You allow the genocide, rape and torture of a whole African nation in Sudan – we give You thanks.

For You maintaining the sweatshops in India and China so we can buy cheap goods at Walmart, while those who produce them live on less than two dollars a day – we give You thanks.

For You supporting our friends in Israel, and helping us supply them with weapons to kill and maim those nasty, dirty, Palestinian pagans – we give You thanks.

For You helping us to interfere freely in the politics and cultures of other nations around the globe, creating wars and internal strife so we can maintain the gloriously material standard of living we, as Americans, expect and deserve – we give You thanks.

For doing all of this in the name of Your Son, Our Savior Jesus Christ – we give You thanks.

God Bless America.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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