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Happy New Year – 2017?


Every year, just prior to midnight on December 31st, the world gathers to welcome in a new beginning – a New Year. For most it’s just a grand excuse for a knees-up, the opportunity to drink the night away, and forget troubles.

December 31st 2015 was no exception. Unfortunately, reality has to return at some point – usually around January 2nd – and the long, dark, drawn-out, trawl through to spring can prove a depressive way to start any year, at least in the northern hemisphere.

There’s been one bright spark to light our way to spring 2016, though, in the form of Donald Trump.

Idiot, loudmouth, hairdressers’ nightmare, however one thinks of Donald Trump since his arrival on the political scene he has been, above all, an entertainer. Trump has proved a clown above clowns, a jester to rival Lancelot Gobbo, or King Henry’s irresponsible companion, Falstaff.

Throughout his run for the Republican presidential nomination, Trump has left us gasping with disbelief, shocked at his vociferous outpourings, but always tempered with a certain belief that he was never, ever, going to make it. Not in a thousand years. His own party hates him. The rest of the political world despises the man, together with his ever more despicable views.

How could we have been so wrong? With his huge win in New York this week, suddenly it seems that Trump cannot lose. It’s now looking more than just ‘likely’ that the US Presidential campaign will feature Republican nominee, Donald Trump, versus Democratic nominee, Hilary Clinton.

But, of course, Clinton is bound to win – isn’t she?

It seems we cannot underestimate the “Trump phenomena”. Sick of career politicians contaminated by Washington corruption, American citizens appear happy to vote for anyone not wearing the ‘Establishment’ shirt, and Hilary Clinton is, undoubtedly, Establishment.

On the US political scene, at least, 2016 looks forward to being an interesting year.

Sadly, although the year is only four months old, it’s already claimed three of the United Kingdom’s greatest personalities and entertainers, taken swiftly and without warning.

Terry Wogan

January saw the loss of Sir Terry Wogan. He brightened the morning for millions with his long running radio show. Cancer claimed him in a matter of months at the age of 77.


Ronnie Corbett passed away on the last day of March. He was 84. One of the UK’s most brilliant and long-running comedians, he will be sadly missed.


Most recently, just yesterday in fact, we were informed of the sad and premature death of comedian, writer, and entertainer, Victoria Wood, yet another victim of cancer. She was a mere 62 years old.

Let’s not forget Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Paul Daniels, and David Gest…..and, news just in, Prince!

Such talent is irreplaceable.

Not to be too sad, however, because there is a bright side –

– in February the world lost Antonin Scalia, too.[1]

And to think it’s only April.

Happy New Year 2017…anyone?

[1] “What Antonin Scalia’s Death Means to the People I Love”