7 Replies to “Happy Hanukkah Christmas Yuletide Well, Something!”

  1. Ah, I live in Dialup Dementia, but I do love Jon when I can see him which is rare as I am TV-less also.
    However, RJA, I absolutely adore the comment of Lisa29 and its winsome grammar – a writing site no less. I must sign up.

  2. Nevin – Too much Jon Stewart overwhelms my British sensitivities, but like rich pudding he’s a delight in small doses.

    WWW – ah, sadly, even the most whimsical of grammar cannot escape the ravages of my spam filter. Lisa29 has been condemned to Spammer Hell.
    It’s time Newfoundland dragged itself into the 21st century – at least, so far as broadband is concerned.

  3. We don’t get Comedy Central – or whatever they call the channel where John appears.
    Thanks for the video clip – loved it. As you say though, it’s a good thing he’s Jewish, and isn’t too poe-faced about it.
    That’s something I notice about Jewish humour – they’re not afraid to laugh at themselves. It’s a pity more of the US Bible Belt crowd can’t emulate him. 😉

  4. Hmmm – do you have a weblink for the video? It keeps on telling me that the feed is broken – I think it is an issue either with me not being in the US/Canada, or the fact that I’m trying to view it with a Linux system!

    I adore Jon Stewart – we used to get the Daily Show a day late in the UK, and it was the best way of getting news info from the US 😀

  5. Thanks RJ – sadly it does look like it is my computer – had another error message – will have to wait till I get something with Windoze on it!

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