Happy Christmas, Mister President

In these days of economic gloom and dark political intrigue, Sparrow Chat would like to take this opportunity to wish Barack Obama, the President of the United States of America, a very happy Christmas.

The White House

Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, D.C.


On behalf of me and mine, I would like to wish you and yours a very happy Christmas. I will refrain from including the part about ‘a prosperous New Year’ as, in your case, that is already a forgone conclusion.

Unfortunately, for many of the citizens you represent it will not be the case. Millions have no work, many have lost their homes to foreclosures, those who are sick and cannot afford health insurance are unable to seek treatment.

No doubt, this Christmastide you’ll raise a glass and laud your victory in extending unemployment benefit, but at what cost? You signed your Healthcare Bill into law, but at what cost? You brought out measures to help families resist foreclosures, but at what cost?

I will remind you of the cost: you continued the policy of George W Bush and further bailed out the banks and finance houses, with our money, to the tune of billions of dollars. In return, those same establishments ran a ‘robosigning scandal’ that evicted thousands of home-owners who never deserved to lose their homes. The measures you implemented have had little effect on the foreclosure figures – they were down a mere 4.00% in October, and in no part due to your measures. Those measures may have had better teeth had you not caved to the demands of the ultra-right.[1]

The healthcare bill you appear so proud of is little more than a Christmas gift to the insurance industry. The ‘public option’ – its glorious centerpiece – slid unceremoniously into a deep muddy hole in the cemetery of Republican indifference, even before those who might mourn it were aware of its passing.

Still, you did achieve a thirteen month extension of unemployment benefit, so those you are supposed to oppose don’t have to hold freshly picked posies to their noses and walk passed emaciated carcasses of the long-term unemployed, as they wend their way down Pennsylvania Avenue to their posh clubs and Washington dining establishments.

It really wasn’t such a great deal, was it? In return for thirteen months of unemployment benefit you bartered sixty-eight billion dollars in tax relief for the wealthy. Surely, more than sufficient to purchase a plethora of freshly-picked posies, even at Washington prices.

Sir, I have supported you throughout your presidency. For me, like most sane individuals in this nation, it was a breath of fresh air when George W Bush and his entourage of demonic psychopaths vacated the White House, and you moved in.

Let me be fair, you have had some successes, but frankly, those minor victories count for nothing against your latest, and perhaps greatest, political capitulation over the Bush tax breaks. Even your own party has turned against you.

This country needs that the rich and powerful pay their rightful share. In the manner of a true quisling, you denied your nation’s need. Neville Chamberlain, himself, would have been ashamed to know you. The fresh air you brought to the presidency has turned fetid and stagnant.

How easy would it have been to allow the Bush tax breaks to expire at the end of the year, then introduce a bill reinstating tax cuts for the middle class and extending unemployment benefit? Of course, the ultra-right could vote it down, but doing so would show their true colors to the American people.

Sometimes, Mister President, it’s necessary to fight, even when the end result may not be to your liking. It’s called adherence to principle. You, sir, have betrayed the very principles you were elected to uphold.

On behalf of all the homeless, the untreated sick, and the poverty-stricken of this country, I wish you and yours a very happy Christmas.

As you, and Mitch McConnell, and John Boehner, raise your rare cut glasses of fine Cognac and toast each other over the White House turkey, I trust you’ll spare a moment’s thought for those poor, underprivileged, folk who trusted you with their livelihoods. The ones you have betrayed.

Happy Christmas, Mister President.

[1] “Foreclosure Activity Falls ‘Artificially’ Due to Moratorium” CNBC, November 11th 2010

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4 Replies to “Happy Christmas, Mister President”

  1. Well said, RJA, nothing more to add exceot the very best of seasons to you and the good missus and a recount of the days to your 100 acre wood house.

  2. Good one, RJ – very good indeed!!!

    Now we have to work out (or somehow divine) whether the Prez. was:

    a) the person groomed by the Big Corporate Empire Bosses to take us through an inevitable Democrat period with the least harm to them. Therefore he does their bidding and maybe even secretly believes in their plans himself.
    b)An intellectually sharp but morally weak politician, in it for as easy a ride as he can achieve, one term probably, then on to a lucrative future in some sphere – more than he could have ever dreamed of as a university bod.

  3. You could have sent the same greetings to George W. Has there been any real change in our government since January 2009? It keeps getting worse. We are “led” by a bunch of gutless people who care only about the next election.

    I had thought that we couldn’t get a worse president than George W. Now I’m not so sure.

  4. Well said! I know that we couldn’t expect miracles from the new president, not after the mess which was left to him from GWB. However he has had long enough to show his true colours, and they don’t really seem to be that different. I just wish that I could believe that any of them would have any pangs of conscience at all.

    As Terry Prachett put it in Night Watch: “Ave! duci novo, similis duci seneci”
    (Loosely translates to “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”)

    I do wish that you have a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year 🙂

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