Guns Save Lives – Number ‘God Knows How Many’

For a number of years I wrote frequently on Sparrow Chat about the farce that is the National Rifle Association, and its inept and wantonly untruthful slogan: “Guns Save Lives”.

From the website of WAND TV, a local station serving the town of Decatur in Central Illinois:

DECATUR, IL- A Decatur couple arrested in connection with last weekend’s stray bullet shooting death of a Decatur man went before a judge for the first time Friday morning

Quincy Houston, 27, did not enter a plea on involuntary manslaughter charges. He was appointed a public defender.

His wife, 22 year-old Mattisha Houston, entered a not guilty plea on the same manslaughter charges.

Police say the couple was shooting a pistol at a tree in their back yard early last Saturday morning.

One shot missed and the bullet went through the apartment window of 30 year-old Joseph Wells, hitting him in the head and killing him.”[1]

I thank the gods I don’t live in that hellhole of a town anymore.

One day I will write more about Decatur, Illinois. The town that is owned by the Archer Daniel Midland Corporation.

Right now, I’m just so glad to be out of it.

[1] “Decatur Couple Charged In Connection With Shooting Face Judge” WANDTV, July 15th 2011

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2 Replies to “Guns Save Lives – Number ‘God Knows How Many’”

  1. Didn’t think I had anything to say on this one; then was reminded of a character from my favourite TV miniseries “Lonesome Dove”.
    Jake Spoon is on the run from the sheriff of a town where a bullet from his gun, during a saloon fight, accidentally went through an outer wall and hit the town’s dentist who was passing by in the street. The town sheriff headed out to capture Spoon….but thereby hangs another tale.
    The Old West is slow to move on, even in 21st century midwest.

  2. I think the saddest thing of all is when we are totally unsurprised at the havoc these weapons can wreak on the innocent.

    I will be keen to hear of your insights into your ex-domicile.

    I have driven through such towns in my time.


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