Guns Save Lives -7 (Update)

The death toll has now reached 33 with almost as many injured. For the next few days every news channel in America will saturate coverage of this massacre. The question “Why?” will be debated over and over – until something more interesting replaces it in the headlines.

There is no debate.

Why this, and other similar events, happen is totally obvious to those of us not indoctrinated into believing the crap poured forth by the NRA and their pet poodles in government. It was asked after ‘Columbine’; it was asked after the recent deaths of six Amish children. It keeps getting asked, but never is it answered.

There is no debate.

You, America, are the reason it keeps happening. You saturate your media systems with bloody violence and human hatred; you glorify sadism and revel in the death and horrific suffering of other human beings as entertainment, then – on a plate – you hand the sick, the retarded, or the just plain bloodthirsty, the means to act out these atrocities in real life.

George W Bush neatly avoids his share of responsibility. He has systematically removed the federal statutes that once provided an, albeit meager, measure of firearms control. Today, he had the nerve and effrontery to stand before the nation like some overly-pious bishop, and tell Americans:

“………Laura and I and many across our nation are praying for the victims and all the members of university community that have been devastated by this terrible tragedy……….We hold the victims in our hearts. We lift them up in our prayers and we ask a loving God to comfort those who are suffering today.”

How easy it is to pray.

Championing legislation to put an end to these massacres would be so much more difficult. He’d have to go against the wishes of his mates and financiers in the NRA. Has it occurred to him that, perhaps, this “loving God” he is so fond of mentioning might regard him in a better light if he did more to save the lives and prevent the suffering of the “loving God’s” creations?

I spit on his concept of a “loving God”. It exists only in his warped and twisted imagination.

Eighty human beings die every day from guns in America. Yet you, America, continue to sit pathetically by and do nothing to prevent it. Is effective gun control in the manifesto of the political party you support? Have you bothered to ask the guy who knocks on your door wanting you to vote for him, “What’s your policy on gun control?” Have you?

There is no debate.

Guns are manufactured for one purpose, and one purpose only – to kill, violently and indiscriminately – and easily.

There is no debate. Remove the guns and you stop the massacres. It’s been proven.

Do you care enough?

Or was Charlton Heston speaking for you, America?

“Take my weapon? When you pry it from my cold, dead hands!”

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13 Replies to “Guns Save Lives -7 (Update)”

  1. Anan – Bush’s mind is like an obsolete telephone switchboard. It constantly gets crossed lines. When he puts in a call to his god, the answer comes back from his ego.

  2. Hell no, Heston wasn’t speaking for me! I detest guns and will never ever allow one into my home. You are absolutely right, guns were designed to do only one thing, kill. Much of America must be paranoid as hell if they think they “need” a gun. Guilty of something or paranoid of something is the only reason I can think of that someone could justify owning a gun. In my mind, there is no justification.

  3. Me and guns? No, I don’t think so. It is true that guns don’t kill – when people believe violence solves problems and they use a gun to act out their belief, then guns kill or knives or hands to strangle or bombs or whatever form of deadly violence they come up with.

  4. I heard one gun supporter say that if Virginia had laws like Florida in which the students could have carried concealed weapons, they could have defended themselves. You cannot reason with someone with strong beliefs. I know one guy who loves his guns so much he said he votes against the democrats because they are for gun laws – a single issue voter is an intense voter.

  5. Me again. I wonder if they actually do pray when people say the phrase “our prayers are with you” or “we are praying for you”. Who is to actually know if they spend a second actually thinking about what they promised?

    Course we all know bearded white guy God just sits around listing to people whine all day.

  6. PoP – I never doubted for one moment your reaction would be as mine. I agree with all you say.

    PM – I know your views on the subject well enough. You are right that, on their own, guns don’t kill. But they were invented, and continue to be manufactured in ever-more efficient guises, to do exactly that. Not only are guns symbolic of evil (not a word I use lightly) they are by far the most efficient method for individuals to perpetrate that evil. Other nations, those with strictly enforced gun controls, have drastically reduced their rate of crime related deaths and virtually eliminated such crimes as happened yesterday in Virginia. If the perpetrator of yesterday’s massacre had gone in armed only with a knife – and evidence suggests most school/college assassins wouldn’t attempt such a thing with just a knife or similar weapon – the casualties would have been much lower. Most of these disturbed beings are only courageous behind a loaded gun. It bestows a sense of great power that they revel in; a final high before they blow their own brains out.

    Flimsy – it’s exactly because of guys of the type you describe that nations need gun control legislation. When someone becomes that obsessed with weapons, they have serious insecurity issues. People with psychological profiles of that nature may eventually commit crimes such as occurred yesterday. Do we do nothing, and respect his right to own killing machines? Or, do we demand legislation to prevent his criminal irresponsibility?

    As for praying, I believe George probably kneels every night at the foot of his bed like Christopher Robin. He’s simple-minded enough to do that. It’s about as effective as an orphan alone on a desert island asking Santa Claus to fetch him the latest toy. But then, the Christian “God” and Santa Claus can be easily confused.

  7. i know this is perhaps too late to post on this issue, but i came across this and found it to be interesting:

    If true, this article stirs up some difficult questions; how could an emotional knee-jerk response to relationship problems have come only after several weeks of calculated planning?

    How could a dispassionate killer who picked off one human being after another ‘in eerie silence’ as if they were ants – be explained as a sensitive, creative writer whose ethics were offended?

    And, perhaps most disturbing, how could the police have taken the shooter into custody BEFORE he committed suicide?

    News sources talk about him and his family being quiet and keeping to themselves – surely it’s no crime to keep a low profile, but i wonder why the family was not questioned by the media and why none of their statements were released by the police or newspapers.

    He may very well have had a distressing breakup with his girlfriend, but then again, emotional snappage (and fanatical paranoia) are two motives which would never be analysed in great detail, either. There are no statements from his supposed girlfriend in the media, or her supposed new boyfriend.

    His english teacher says that some of his writing was disturbing, but refuses to release any of it, or even the subject of it, stating privacy rights. There are no statements from the councellor he was sent to speak to.

    Disturbing gaps in information, and conflicts in the little information that was given.

    It may be very cold, but the first thing i thought of when this happened was how convenient it all was. Just when global sympathy is at an all time high for the innocent victims of professional snipers in Iraq, the camera turns to innocent young AMERICAN victims of another sniper. From Korea, a place the US has good reason to fear.

    But was he, too, a professional?
    You tell me.

  8. Oh, and… insofar as the Almighty is concerned, it seems to be a common assumption that He is as stupid as His followers (yours truly included). Given that most humans can’t figure out how to program their vcr’s, maybe they should leave their explanations of the Almighty’s motives alone until they gain a little more understanding.

  9. Anan – one of the problems in the aftermath of such an occurrence is the attendant speculation and rumor – much of it presented as fact. It is a human trait to distort facts while passing them – so to speak – down the line, and the websites you indicated appear to have unintentionally done just that. Apparently, this young man was originally from South Korea but had lived in the US from the age of eight. He was also a student at Virginia Tech. It seems to be just another sad example of an unhappy young man with a grudge who was able to walk into a gun shop and purchase, over the counter, the necessary weapons to commit a massacre. The fault lies, not with a sick young man who desperately needed help, but with America for so readily enabling him to carry out his distorted and gruesome retribution.

  10. Mr. Adams;

    My analysis may be incorrect, my sources may be circumspect, but my questions remain unanswered.

    Facts like the kill/wounded ratio, apparent deliberation of the two separate killings, and the care the subject took in preparing for this event do not add up to some disturbed youth picking up a gun as a reflex to his emotional pain.

    I am more than willing to do research and amend my analysis, but i cannot believe that the media must do all my thinking for me and i must just shut up and accept what they say without question.

    Neither do i believe it necessary to generalize this event into a societal evil which, being so large and widespread in it’s manifestation, is beyond serious analysis or correction.

    Something very specific and personal happened on that campus. Something which took 33 young lives. This is a limited problem which can be figured out. Solutions can be applied to make sure it is unlikely to happen again.

    I challenge your powers of observation to re-examine the situation and come up with a workable solution. And i challenge myself to do the same.

    Oh and.. by the way… 160 more innocent people are dead in Baghdad today; but who cares, right? The blood of foreigners is cheap.

  11. Hello, i would like to say… yes that yes guns were created to kill and most likely in due time kill many, but i would also point out that when one uses a gun as a defense weapon to protect oneself or others then they have just easily saved lives that could have been lost. People allowed to carry weapons to protect themselves is a great idea, maybe not the best but everyone is so quick to point fingers at others and say “Hey why dont you do something to fix this?!” well i’ll tell you as i say to most.. SHUT UP! accept the fact that if they wherent killed with a gun they coulda been killed by a bomb.. or maybe a knife.. or my fav a sword! it dont matter the cause the point is that not all weapons are bad and depending on the person who uses it should be judged. i for one accept guns as a means to protect from those who would do harm. if you take away the ability to get a weapon to defend yourself then the ones who use the illegal means to obtain them have no won.. evil wins when good does nothing to help prevent it.

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