Gun Disease – A Terminal Illness

The gun situation in America has always been a source of contention between those who believe the Second Amendment sacred, and the rest who see it as it is – an outdated document designed for a time before the fledgling nation had a proper military or police force.

After every major killing event there’s the usual anger and desire for change, parried by authority’s hypocritical “thoughts and prayers” to the victims and bereaved, before heading down the shooting range for their next dose of adrenaline high.

After numerous frequent gun assaults one might expect the situation to begin to show improvement. Instead, it grows steadily worse.

Only today we read of two US police officers sacked for writing a Facebook post stating congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should be shot.[1]

There was a time in America’s past when the gun nut lobby was ostensibly right-wing and Republican. Not any more. A report by Kim Kelly in today’s Guardian tells of armed left-wing antifascists on the move against right-wing white supremacists.

‘If others have rifles, we’ll have rifles’: why US leftist groups are taking up arms

The [America’s Pacific] north-west has been at the center of tense political clashes over the last two years. The area is an adopted home base for far-right groups like Patriot Prayer, Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement and the Proud Boys, who have organized numerous marches that have ended in violence. In response, a range of leftist groups have organized self defence groups and, in doing so, present gun ownership as a way to protect themselves and others…[2]

Sickness without cure is a terrible thing to suffer and usually ends in death. The firearm disease in America has no cure. It continues to infect all who have contact with it. Unless a cure is found it will one day bring the nation to its knees. It is a precursor to civil unrest and possible civil war.

Maybe that’s just what it will take before a cure is eventually found.

[1] Ocasio-Cortez: Officers sacked for post suggesting lawmaker be shot , BBC, July 23rd 2019

[2] , Guardian, July 23rd 2019

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  1. I agree – nothing is likely to change in the USA without some kind of catastrophic development, such as you mention, then it would be change in the worst possible way.

    We’ve been watching TV shows on streamed Acorn TV recently (mainly British). There are lots of police and detective series included. When watching such series, I feel scared when cops or detectives need to enter a house/place where the baddies are likely to be armed, and the good guys have little with which to defend themselves. I suppose this is the result of our watching so many USA-made shows on similar topics with guns aplenty on all sides. But it is refreshing, in other stories, to enjoy a show and to never see or hear a gun.

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