Good Riddance, Jesse Helms

So Jesse Helms is dead. The media is pouring forth its usual pious platitudes and intimating I should weep for this man and respect his views, even though they’re in total contradiction to my own, just because he’s kicked the bucket, shuffled off this mortal coil, gone to that great home for bigots in the sky.

Helms was entitled to his personal views, but his standing as a public servant did not license him to use his political platform, not just to air them, but to abuse his position by promoting narrow-minded, bigoted, pseudo-religious ideals designed to hold this country, and the world, back from advancing its humanitarian ideals.

Helms’s contribution to US politics was to scupper international treaties. He was responsible for blocking the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, the Kyoto Protocal on global warming, and he opposed the use of US troops in Bosnia. He was against the Salt II arms reduction pact and the Panama Canal Treaty.

He was the worst kind of bigot; a man who persuaded others to his own self-opinionated viewpoint by virtue of his political position.

Jesse Helms may have tried to buy his way into Heaven by campaigning for the passage of a debt relief bill through Congress, but it was not enough to make up for the untold harm his political career has done to America and the world.

Jesse Helms doesn’t deserve to rot in Hell, though if I were of Helm’s mentality, I’d probably believe he should.

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