God Will Forbid It

Whose idea was it to run presidential political nominations over the Christmas holidays? Isn’t it supposed to be a time of “Goodwill to all Men”, and “Peace on Earth”?

How can that be when every news broadcast throughout the nation carries footage of the dross they’ve dredged up as presidential-hopefuls, and paraded like some old has-been’s Ugly Parade, with the grand prize – to live four years in an overly-large mansion and f**k-up even more of the world?

As an observer of American politics these five years – and one with no affiliated axe to grind – the whole concept of party nominations just leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.

It’s nothing more than an ego competition. Those with the least controlling egos are rapidly relegated to the back rows, leaving grossly swollen-headed egomaniacs, with equally inflated bank accounts, vying for the prime position.

You don’t have to be an alien sitting on the moon with a spyglass to work out that the only candidate with any degree of honesty and integrity probably only has it because he’s still politically wet behind the ears.

Yet, out of the top three from each party, he is undoubtedly the finest choice – for exactly that reason.

Why is that the case? Because a lifetime of experience in politics anywhere, except perhaps a banana republic, should produce Statesmen of quality, integrity, and honor.

There is not one Statesman (or woman) among the topmost runners for the presidential nomination; not one iota of statesmanlike quality, neither integrity nor honor, emanates from any one of them. Each is blatantly concerned only with their own success, showing only ‘cupboard love’ for those needed to raise them into power, to be tossed aside as garbage once the counts are finally in, in November 2008.

The prime candidates are already well out of the race. Those who show even a modicum of sensitivity, humanity, and common sense have all fallen, or been pushed over, at the first fence. There is no room in American politics for such as they. God forbid a president should be chosen who refused to bomb Iran for wanting what America has had for sixty years – the ability to run its own nuclear power stations without reliance on outside sources. God forbid the next president should offer the helping hand of friendship to other nations, rather than phosphorus bombs and exploding bullets. God forbid the next president might insist on abiding by the Geneva Conventions, rather than secret CIA prisons and waterboarding.

Don’t be alarmed, America. God will forbid it.

The next President of the United States will continue to utilize phosphorus bombs and exploding bullets. He, or she, will ignore the Geneva Conventions when it suits, and those secret prisons will remain for when waterboarding is deemed necessary.

There will, however, be a noticeable difference between the present incumbent and the next one. Such matters will be dealt with less blatantly, virtually without public knowledge; just as they were before George W Bush took over the reins in 2000.

America will feel better. What the eye doesn’t see, and the ear doesn’t hear, the hearts will not grieve over.

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all Men?

Not a snowball’s chance in Hell.

God will forbid it.

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7 Replies to “God Will Forbid It”

  1. Whilst I agree with you in part, RJ I do think you’re being overly negative. As I see it, there are some good, very good, Democrats, men of integrity. They may not be front-runners in this silly, money-oriented election circus, but their voices and actions count for a lot.

    Dennis Kucinich – his attempt to impeach Dick Cheney

    Chris Dodd – this week left the campaign trail to return to Washington to do his best to defend the constitution by getting a vote on the “spying bill” ( which seeks to grant immunity to telecom companies), postponed until next year.

    I see Joe Biden as statesman-like and trustworthy.

    Russ Feingold, while not running in the presidential race, is a man of integrity in the Senate whose voice is valuable.

    Likewise Bernie Sanders.

    While there are people like those around the halls of power, all is not lost…..or so I tell myself.

    I feel now much as I used to feel back in the UK in Maggie Thatcher’s time….and afterwards.

    I always felt that those who could have led Britain best never had the chance (just as here, in the USA): Tony Benn, Michael Foot, Neil Kinnock, the late John Smith.

    Maybe, as you say, RJ, God forbids it! 🙁

  2. Twilight – while I heartily agree with your assessment of those you list, you rightly point out that none of them are front runners for the nominations. While it is good to have such men in the halls of power, they’ve been there for the last eight years, and proved impotent. The power that this administration has placed directly in the hands of the next US president means an extra-ordinary human being needs to be elected to the office, if it is not to become dictatorial, and even more controlled by corporate power. Sadly, I find none of the likely contenders – the top three from each side – extra-ordinary in any way, with the possible exception of Barack Obama, who is still untested.

    Addendum: After re-reading the post I realized that the line in para 8 should have read, “There is not one Statesman (or woman) among the topmost runners for the presidential nomination….”, not “There is not one Statesman (or woman) in the running for the presidential nomination….”, the latter implying not one candidate was worthy. I have since corrected it.

  3. Ah, Dennis Kucinich. Surely, the greatest president the American people will never be allowed to have.

    Incidentally, I’ve just learned that (like myself, a few weeks ago), he has lost a baby brother, suddenly.

  4. TOB – yes, very suddenly. No PM result yet but it seems likely to have been a heart attack, or something related. Very sad. He was only 52.

  5. Politicians are just lapdogs of big money people. Why do people think a different figurehead will make a difference? It ain’t like the dems have made many changes since they took over congress.

  6. Isn’t it all an extension of the Hollywoodization of the U.S. Glitz, glamour, vacuous questions, no substance, sugar-coated, who-did-your-hair, who’s-your-god, and no gays get equal rights and the only child not left behind is an unborn foetus, etc. All bought and paid for by Big Corp. MLK’s dream will remain that. Content of character. Indeed.
    The good ones, and there have been many, get shoved aside. The rest get propped up on a stage somewhere and get asked prepared questions and the issues of the day are ignored. Hollywood.
    I am sad for all of us that we have come to this. No hope.

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