God Save Us From This Stinking US Media….

It could be suggested that the US media is nothing more than a pig trough, or possibly the heap of dung that surrounds one, but to do so would insult the hogs. Pigs have better manners, and a cleaner aspect than the miry, preening, egocentric, swamp rats that infest the public face of American television news these days.

One can only wonder where these mealy-mouthed, insipid, individuals were educated. Surely not in America’s colleges? After all, the American president attended one of those…..

To even suggest Wednesday night’s fiasco, dis-organized by the ABC network, was a “political debate”, would be enough to send any normal, mature, individual into a paroxysm of hysterical laughter.

Is this the esteem with which the US media holds its audience? We may have felt more intellectually stimulated had they screened two hours of the TeleTubbies.

The media regards it audience as big kids, whose only desire is to sit back and enjoy the back-biting and shallow name calling that kids like to do. And, maybe they’re right. After all, according to ABC:

“……it was the most-watched debate of the 2008 cycle, with 10.7 million people watching. ‘For the 8-10 p.m. time period, this marks ABC’s best total viewing audience since 11/28/07, its largest adult 18-49 rating since 2/27/08, and its best adult 25-54 rating since 1/9/08.'”[1]

Not to be outdone, a bimbo make-up queen of MSNBC stuck her nose out the swamp and attempted to turn an obviously innocent scratch of Obama’s cheek, while he was addressing a rally in Pennsylvania, into some great ‘finger’ insult to Hillary Clinton.

One can only wonder where this country is headed when supposedly responsible media anchors behave in so sick and immature a manner.

Not by any stretch of the imagination, Miss Vacuous Mind, despite much obvious manipulation and editing of the video in a vain attempt to make an innocuous movement appear suspect.

In truth, it’s not the politicians who have used this campaign as a lesson in just how low it’s possible to sink. The media have done the job with no help from them.

Given that the US media is run by those with a vested interest in keeping ordinary folks from learning of, or even showing interest in, the real matters of political importance in this country, it’s little wonder those before the cameras excel at inanity and a serious lack of professionalism.

No doubt, it’s in their job description.

On a final, more positive note, one journalist who rarely disappoints, and whose professionalism shines out as a beacon in the blackness, held a superbly informative interview this week with Leila Fadel, the Baghdad Bureau Chief for McClatchy Newspapers.

At the tender age of twenty-six, Ms Fadel is as far above the US media’s general standard of journalism, as Heaven is above the Earth. If you want to know the true situation in Iraq, rather than the distorted, blatant propaganda generally aired, be sure to watch Bill Moyer’s Journal.[2]

Leila Fadel also has a blog called simply, “Baghdad”, and her staff in Iraq write the blog, “Inside Iraq”. Links to both can be found in the “Blog Nest” of Sparrow Chat’s sidebar.

Of course, you could always watch the Fox News Channel, but only if truth is secondary to biased sensationalism in your sad and wasted life.

[1] “How Much Did You Loathe ABC’s Debate Coverage?” San Francisco Chronicle, April 18th, 2008.

[2] “Leila Fadel Interview”, Bill Moyer’s Journal, April 18th, 2008

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5 Replies to “God Save Us From This Stinking US Media….”

  1. That sure beats out the wearing of the US flag pin brouhaha.
    Talk of dumbed down – it obviously feeds into the knuckle-dragging, double digit IQ unfortunates who watch this crap with bated breath.
    I never cease to be amazed, just when I think I’ve seen it all, more is so freely given. Sweet J – not a hope for any of us.

  2. OOoops! Sorry – I just fell over my knuckles!! 😉

    Well, as you might have guessed I enjoyed the debate. It’s past time that the Great Obama was subjected something akin to what HRC has encountered for month upon month, year upon year by the stinking media.

    I didn’t hear many grumbles about the stuff thrown at her by Obama supporters. Now it’s as though he’d been waterboarded!

    He was asked questions which are relevant to a person who has applied to become President of the USA – as I see it.

    I agree that the flag-pin matter is silly and not important, but questions about his associations with Wright, Ayers Rezko (didn’t come up) and others for me are some of the most relevant of all. Not exactly because he himself might be involved in anything shady, but because he did not have judgement sufficient to distance himself from these characters – or to wait to run for the presidency until he has a more solid background to present.

    I know we have agreed to disagree, RJ. I am just putting forward the other side of the coin – not trying to be obnoxious.

    Tripping again on way out….Ugh – sorry – these damn knuckles….! 😉

  3. WWW – not a problem – it gave me a giggle!

    By the way Keith Olbermann, Sexist in Chief is interviewing Senator Clinton on countdown tonight. She’ll then move on to Larry King’s tender mercies. It should be a fun evening. I’ll need a good swig of Scotch to stomach more than a few seconds of KO though.

  4. Debates used to be conducted by the League of Women Voters and each candidate was given a chance to talk about a major issue followed by a rebuttal by the other. Very civilized so it had to go.

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