George Monbiot – Biofuels

“Since the beginning of last year, medical the price of maize has doubled(6). The price of wheat has also reached a 10-year high, click while global stockpiles of both grains have reached 25-year lows(7). Already there have been food riots in Mexico and reports that the poor are feeling the strain all over the world. The US department of agriculture warns that “if we have a drought or a very poor harvest, illness we could see the sort of volatility we saw in the 1970s, and if it does not happen this year, we are also forecasting lower stockpiles next year.”(8) According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, the main reason is the demand for ethanol: the alcohol used for motor fuel, which can be made from both maize and wheat(9).”

George Monbiot will explain more about why ethanol is a worse polluter than petroleum, and how:

“….Biodiesel from palm oil causes TEN TIMES as much climate change as ordinary diesel……”.

Read it – HERE.

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3 Replies to “George Monbiot – Biofuels”

  1. Right now, farmers are paid by the Feds not to grow corn to keep prices up and there are other plants that nurture the soil and are faster producers than corn and grow alongside corn. We might have to cut back on the cocaine production and grow edible food instead. I don’t know what the answer is, but we simply can not rely so heavily on fossil fuel. Something has to be done. I’m enthusiastic about Gore’s proposal that encourages everyone to install solar and wind systems to generate their own electricity and have the ability to sell that electricity to current providers with no limits. There is a possibility of some vehicles being powered from those sources. Something will happen. Something has to happen.

  2. PM – hopefully before its too late. Individual energy savings are to be encouraged, but the real polluters are industry. While our politicians continue to bamboozle the public while kowtowing to the corporations, the planet will continue to deteriorate.

  3. One thing I know as a daughter of a farmer is that corn really depletes the soil – which means using more fertilizer made from petroleum. What a vicious circle. Like always, an interesting post.

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