From Mike Huckabee Today –

“It’s easier to change the Constitution than the word of the Living God.”

Isn’t it time these so-called “Christians” stopped behaving like teeny-cheerleaders at a college ballgame, got a grip of their latent insecurities, and grew up? It’s no wonder we all get so sick of them.

“Christians” have been regularly changing the “word of God” for centuries. Just consider the multifarious versions of the “word of God” that have been conjured since time immemorial, to suit a particular pope or half-crazed medieval cleric.

People like Huckabee are so intellectually blind they can’t see past the end of their noses.

Your so-called “word of God” is constantly changing, Mister Huckabee. Isn’t it time you decided whether you wish to be a politician, or a cleric? Under your Constitution you should not be both.

Or is that the part you’ll find so easy to change, if America is stupid enough to elect you as president?

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7 Replies to “From Mike Huckabee Today –”

  1. And if all these religionists weren’t rattling their tin cans for money and more money and bigger and bigger churches I mightn’t be so cynical. Why does God need so much crap anyway? I thought He was beyond the material world. My head hurts with this stuff. That and the Flexobible.
    I wore out a sweatshirt that was proudly emblazoned “My God has no religion” – what a conversation stopper as people pondered this!
    I must find another one!

  2. WWW – truth is, God doesn’t need that crap. It’s the parsons and the clerics and the hangers-on who need it, as well as their fat salaries and power-crazed egos, of course. It’s amazing how many different ‘Gods’ there are on this planet, but when you point that out to the religious, they say they’re all One really. So why do they all need different rules to engage with the same God? As you say, it makes one’s head hurt trying to figure it out!

  3. I was rocked back in disbelief when I heard Huckabee talk about amending the Constitution to the way (he thinks) Christ/God would prefer it. And to a thunderous applause.

    All you can say about this year, is that the Republican ‘team’ is full of disparate role players. And the really funny thing about this field of GOP candidates is that their belts do not go through all of the loops in their pants. And the really comedic thing about this GOP ‘crop’ is that each of them manages to miss a different loop.

  4. Vigilante – so far, the three front runners seem to be two religiots and a Bush-ite. Not very inspiring, is it? But then, when you inspect closely, with the possible exception of Edwards neither are their Democratic counterparts.

  5. It’s easier to change the Constitution than the word of the Living God.

    He is right you know. If there is one book that needs an editor to correct the discrepancies, it is the Bible but as he said, it is easier to change the Constitution.

  6. Vigilante – when I note that both Obama and Clinton are heavily indebted to the “health industry”, I worry about their motives. It’s one thing to become president, quite another to fulfill their election promises. Neither can live up to their pledges of universal healthcare while in the pockets of the drug and insurance companies. As for the ‘best GOP-er’, leaving out any so far down the pack they’re irrelevant, quite honestly I have to agree with you; there are none. Unfortunately, with the possible exception of Edwards, who has come up in my estimation greatly over the last months, and Kucinich who is out of it, I have serious issues with the remaining Dems, also.

    Flimsy – certainly, from that viewpoint, I would have to agree.

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