Exposing The Lies…

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So Why Isn’t She Acting in the Nation’s Interest?

Ignorant, Stupid, or Just a Bare-Faced Liar?

Ignorant, Stupid, or Just a Bare-Faced Liar?

Ignorant, Stupid, or Just a Bare-Faced Liar?

Just Ignorant! He was Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union when he said it!

Dyson’s now moving his operation to Singapore

Four ordinary British men doing their best to fight the lies and deceit that have festered at the heart of the UK Tory Party over BREXIT.

“Led By Donkeys,” Read their full story at the Guardian link below:

[1] “Four men with a ladder: the billboard campaigners battling Brexit” Guardian, 7th February 2019

2 Replies to “Exposing The Lies…”

  1. “Led by Donkeys” – I believe donkeys would have far more sense and foresight! Bless ’em they at least give kids some safe fun and pleasure on the beach (or used to). All Brexiteers will do, unless things change at the brink, is to make their world less kindly for today’s kids, and as they mature.

    PS: So happy to know that Mrs RJ has had a week of relief. Thank you for updates, RJ. xx

  2. Twilight ~ Thanks for your kind thoughts. I’m about to do another update after answering your comment.
    “Led by donkeys” is a reference to a common saying in the trenches of WW1, where it was undoubtedly true, though as you rightly point out it was probably an insult to real donkeys. They are, after all, very intelligent creatures.

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