Excuse Me, What Time’s The Next Train To Kabul?

The new U.S. strategy in Afghanistan involves sending another 30,000 troops up against highly trained and motivated Taliban insurgents in some of the most difficult fighting terrain on the planet.

The success of this misguided enterprise, already entering its ninth year without serious gains by either side, is dependent on the U.S. military’s new counter insurgency strategy, as shown below. (Click on image to enlarge in new window).

Afghan Strategy Plan

One has to wonder how much time and resource has gone into drawing up this piece of fine art that could well be worth millions of dollars if sold at Sotherby’s as an abstract plate of spaghetti, but bears no relation to the reason America first invaded Afghanistan – to capture that elusive Muslim Pimpernel, Osama bin Laden.

Still, if it turns out no-one can comprehend this spider’s web of bureaucratic nonsense, and all else fails, they can always send it to the government department that’s handling the economic stimulus package.

Change a few names, add a couple of dozen stations, and it would make a very workable plan for the new U.S. railroad system so urgently needed in this country.

I wonder if it was devised by Halliburton?

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4 Replies to “Excuse Me, What Time’s The Next Train To Kabul?”

  1. I reckon they could market that as a board game, RJ. It’d sell well this Christmas-time, families would love to gather around the Yule log, pitting their wits against old Osama and young Obama. ;-0

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