Evil Thought Of The Day

While all effort is made to substantiate facts before writing anything on Sparrow Chat, the occasional evil thought can creep in, which, though totally unsubstantiated, is truly devilish enough to warrant inclusion on these pages.

During an interview last week on NBC Nightly News, Sarah Palin, while previously reluctant to release her medical records, promised Brian Williams they would be made public “within the week”.

Tonight, Williams made a point of noting the promise had not been kept. When McCain’s campaign was contacted to find out why, NBC was told the records would be released “when they were ready to release them”.

Palin is quite obviously in excellent health. Why, then, are her minders so reticent to release her records?

It leaves Sparrow Chat considering an evil thought: is there, perhaps, an abortion somewhere in her murky past they don’t want us to know about before the election?

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2 Replies to “Evil Thought Of The Day”

  1. It is odd. I saw a remark somewhere that perhaps the records might show that her youngest child isn’t her own, but perhaps her daughter’s.

    One would have expected someone as young and apparently fit, with nothing to hide would have produced the records right up front.

    We shouldn’t throw too many stones though, ‘cos Obama hasn’t come up with the vault copy of his birth certificate yet.
    There’s still an uneasy feeling lurking at the back of my mind about this.

  2. Ummm – as a Brit unconversant with the whole American electoral system – why do their medical records need to be made public?

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