Echoes Of The Mafiosi – Corporate Style!

Has there ever been a greater gathering of gangsters, corrupt business tycoons, and rich failed politicians gathered together in one place since the Apalachin meeting at the home of Joseph “Joe the Barber” Barbara in November 1957?[1]

While the number of guests at Trump Towers in New York recently may have lacked the numbers present at Joe Barbara’s place, as gangsters go those parading for plum jobs in the next Trump administration lack for nothing in comparable quality.

Joseph “Joe the Barber” Barbara

Steven Mnuchin, about to take control of the money as Treasury Secretary, is just one member of the ‘team’ with a somewhat chequered past. Sued by the trustee after the Bernie Madoff scandal he escaped due to a limitation of time. He, and a few of his rich pals, bought out IndyMac in 2009 for $1.6 billion, renamed it OneWest, then proceeded to rapidly repossess homes and throw people onto the street. “Harsh, repugnant, shocking and repulsive behaviour,” was how one New York judge described OneWest’s actions.

Mnuchin’s daddy made a fortune via Goldman Sachs, and sonny-boy Mnuchin followed in daddy’s footsteps. Pres-elect Trump, it seems, is still happy to keep that old revolving door turning, despite strident campaign promises to the contrary.

Then there’s the Vice-Pres elect, Michael Richard Pence, known for his conservative evangelical viewpoint. A supporter of the ‘Tea Party’, he says he’s, “Christian, conservative, and a Republican, in that order.” He may be conservative; he’s entitled to call himself Republican, but he’s certainly no Christian. His attitude towards women’s rights and “healthcare for all” would have Jesus of Nazareth coming back for a second crucifixion. But then we all know that white American evangelical Christianity stops at the end of the Old Testament – at least for all practical purposes. Pence is really a man after his time. He would have been more at home in the 1630’s working alongside John Winthrop in the Puritan theocracy known as the Massachusetts Bay Colony. There’s nothing Pence would like more than to take America back to that time, with its restrictive, forbidding, lifestyle.

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is favourite to become America’s next Attorney General. He was voted the 5th most conservative Republican in 2007 and has done nothing since to alter that rating. He’s anti-gay, anti-women’s rights, anti-immigration, anti- “healthcare for all” and anti-climate change – in fact he’s anti just about everything that might benefit anyone with an income below $100,000 a year. He calls himself a Christian of course, and teaches kids in a Methodist Sunday School attached to his own church – thus helping to create the next generation of bigoted, blinkered, pious, arrogant folk just like himself.

Michael Richard Pompeo is a lovely man. He encapsulates just about everything that normal, well-balanced, people despise and reject about ultra-right conservatism. He’s a member of the Tea Party. He opposes abortion, even after rape or incest; he opposes “healthcare for all” (he called ‘Obamacare’ a “train wreck”); he believes Edward Snowden should be put to death, is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association (which endorsed him for Congress); he opposes the closing of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center (after visiting during a hunger strike by detainees he stated, “It looked to me like a lot of them had put on weight.”); he was opposed to the Obama Administration’s closing of CIA ‘black sites’ and favours the continuation of ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’, known to the rest of the world under the name, ‘torture’. Of course, he rejects any idea of global climate change, but then he would, because he’s an oilman. Prior to joining Congress in 2011 he was president of Sentry International, an oilfield equipment company. Koch Industries has invested heavily in Pompeo’s political career, to the tune of $380,000 -and that’s just what we know about. Michael Pompeo is poised to become the next Director of the CIA. Who the Hell would want him living next door!

The icing on the cake – from a purely Mafia-style perspective – has to be Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil, and nominated as the future U.S. Secretary for State by gangster boss, Donald Trump. Tillerson believes in climate change. He even admits it could be affected by human actions “to some extent”, but according to a report this year in Newsweek, he has stated that:

The world is going to have to continue using fossil fuels, whether they like it or not,” said the energy giant’s [ExxonMobil] CEO.[2]

Trump’s administration will be composed of high-powered business executives, like Tillerson.

The above is just a sample of the many high-flying corporate executives about to find themselves running the United States of America from January 2017. It’s probably the biggest corporate takeover of a government in world history.

‘Corpocracy’ is about to become reality. Trump is certainly ‘draining the swamp’ of political alligators, only to replace them with some of the most poisonous snakes from the corporate jungle. Donald Trump has handed the United States – and by consequence, the world – over to the new Mafia: Big Business. Trump’s promise to kill NAFTA and the TPTP won’t be kept. These trade deals may be ‘re-arranged’ to suit, but Tillerson is a supporter of the trade agreements and one can be assured they are alive and well, merely being held in abeyance until required.

Yesterday, Trump tweeted that:

Those few words encapsulate the future Trump presidency. How can ‘strengthening and expanding’ nuclear capability assist in ‘bringing the world to its senses regarding nukes’? It obviously can’t, but it would make the U.S. appear even more powerful in the eyes of the rest of the world. Trump’s policy as a businessman has always been to appear supremely powerful in business transactions, a ‘mess with me at your peril’ syndrome. He intends to apply that maxim to his presidency, and to assist him has secured the services of those who share his viewpoint.[3]

There will be some in America who will applaud such a doctrine and condone it. Perhaps sufficient even to award Trump and his corporate gangsters a second term. They may, after all, make America great again, but not in the way the rest of the planet requires.

America is as close as it has ever been to the period in 1930’s Germany when Fascism gained in power and popularity. Wealth resides only in the top echelons of society, leaving many impoverished and frustrated, a situation where blame tends to be focused on minorities. In Germany, the Jews became the whipping-boys of the Fascist government; in America it is fast becoming Muslims and the ‘so-called’ illegal immigrants from Mexico, who inherit the title.

Nazi rallies, and the mass hysteria accompanying them, are echoed today in those who flock to hear Trump speak: inciting violence against minorities; demanding prison terms for his opponents; promises to make the country “great” again.

By moving corporate heads into positions of political power Trump has metaphorically manacled the politicians of Congress, or at least, sufficient for his purpose. Control of Congress has passed from politicians to corporations. Lobbyists will rapidly find themselves redundant, as Congress is bent to the bidding of the corporations even more than it was before.

The stage is set for fascist, gangster-style, control of the United States, the only priorities wealth and power. The aim is to create a nation so powerful it can rule the world via control of trade and, where necessary, force of arms. That process has been underway for a long time. It hasn’t happened overnight. The raising of Donald Trump to president was surely meticulously planned and financed. It’s unlikely any other top business executive could have pulled it off, but Trump was the celebrity, the right man to appeal to the sections of American society he needed to win the presidency – against all the odds.

The gangsters are about to take control of America. This latest breed don’t need machine guns, they’ll have control of the law enforcement and security apparatus. The outcome may well prove to be Nazi Germany on steroids.

Joseph ‘Joe the Barber’ Barbara and his associates would be well pleased.

[1] “Joseph Barbara &The Apalachin Conference” Wikipedia.


[3] “Donald Trump: US must greatly expand nuclear capabilities” BBC, December 22nd 2016

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  1. The gangsters have always controlled the USA. They’re just more visible now with Herr Drumpf in the chair. You got out in time RJA.

    Frightening times ahead. Black Death for all. Look to Aleppo as the beginning.

    But DO have a good holiday season with the missus ????????


  2. WWW – yes, indeed. The gangsters are becoming both more numerous and more powerful. I fear I may not have gone far enough. After all, the ghost of Maggie Thatcher lurks just across the water.
    Best wishes for 2017

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