Dubya – With A British Accent?

Motives are at the root of most actions. Often they are well-intentioned. Usually they are easy to figure out, blatant in some instances. Sometimes, though, human beings can take actions that defy logic, astound common sense, and leave the rest of us wondering just what the hell that person thinks they are playing at.

In a recent article, I suggested the British prime minister, Gordon Brown, might do himself some good in the eyes of the British people if he had the balls to denounce the present US administration for its torture of prisoners from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Today, Gordon Brown revealed to the world his total lack of testicular organs, by groveling to the Israeli Knesset in a speech some Western journalists described as ‘gushing’. It was, quite obviously, an attempt to curry favor; more likely with Washington than Jerusalem.[1]

Brown, overshadowed by his predecessor’s wile and cunning, has had problems vanquishing the specter of Tony Blair, still haunting the halls of Westminster. By addressing the Israeli parliament Brown has carved for himself a tiny niche in history, as the first British prime minister ever to do so.

It may prove a dubious honor.

The world’s press this week made much of the talks between Iran and European diplomats desperate to find a solution to the problem of Iran’s continuing uranium enrichment. The hype accompanying the talks was caused largely by news of a US representative sitting in on the meeting. It was viewed as a small step towards the thawing of Iranian/US relations. While no firm deal was forthcoming, both sides agreed to consider proposals and meet again.

Days after that meeting, Gordon Brown marched into the Israeli Knesset, and announced:

“”For the whole of my life, I have counted myself as a friend of Israel……to those who question Israel’s very right to exist, and threaten the lives of its citizens through terror, we say: the people of Israel have a right to live here, to live freely and to live in security…….to those who are enemies of progress we say: we condemn anti-Semitism and persecution in all its forms.

To those who believe that threatening statements fall upon indifferent ears we say in one voice – it is totally abhorrent for the president of Iran to call for Israel to be wiped from the map of the world.”

For a world leader to make such a statement at this time smacks not just of arrogance, but utter stupidity. By his actions and words, Brown has proved himself unworthy, both as leader and a representative of the United Kingdom.

It would seem that in Gordon Brown the UK has acquired a Scottish version of George W Bush, the only other national leader known for frequent blatant faux pas and political indelicacy.

Brown, like all other world leaders, knows full well that Iranian president Ahmadinejad never used the words “wiped from the map of the world” in reference to Israel.[2] Western media hyped up a mis-translation that has been used repeatedly against the Iranian regime.

Yesterday, was not a time to resurrect it; the Knesset was certainly not the place.

We are left begging the question: what were Brown’s motives?

Gordon Brown knows he can never be another Tony Blair. He lacks Blair’s personality, style, and charisma. Most of all, he falls way short in intelligence and common sense. His principles are indoctrinal, rather than acquired through intellect and logic.

He longs for the adulation and stardom his predecessor commanded on the world’s stage, but knows he’ll never achieve it. As with George W Bush, his popularity ratings at home have reached an all-time low.

Personal recognition often comes at a price, and for Gordon Brown being the ‘first’ in Israel is perhaps the greatest recognition he will ever achieve.

The price he may pay, so far as the rest of the world is concerned, is to flop into the pages of history as “just another George ‘Dubya’ Bush.”

[1] “Brown issues Iran nuclear warning” BBC, July 21st 2008

[2] “Representative Press” February 27th 2007

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5 Replies to “Dubya – With A British Accent?”

  1. Thanks for the RP link (though I did have to laugh at the rant given by one of the commentator who seemed to have a problem with his caps-lock key…!) – very interesting use of mistranslation… Sadly, I’m not suprised by it, though!

    I have a feeling that Gordon is using his time as PM to try to build up his political contacts in the hope of getting a decent job after he is voted out. Tony left the country and government in such a mess that there is no way that Labour can get back in at the next election (the local council and recent by-elections have shown the depth of feeling), so at most, Gordon has another 2 years as PM. And it is better for him personally to have the politicians in Israel and America as friends than the Middle East (what point in being friends with a country that is likely to be attacked in the next few years?)

    The day I stop being cynical is the day that I’m proved wrong…

  2. *sigh*
    This wouldn’t be some sort of attempt to justify the US lust to bust Iran, would it? It sounds strangely akin to Blair’s coming onside just before the Iraqi war… although one would think that current politicians might take note of how Tony was rewarded for his loyalty and refuse to follow suit, eh wot?

    And just incidently, whatever happened to “Israel is not a country, it’s an occupied territory?”

    At the risk of sounding stupid, (not that it’s stopped me before) didn’t about 99% of modern Jewry come from medievel converts in Turkey? They might want to consider establishing a homeland in Istanbul, if they want to go back to their roots… it’s worth considering, especially since Turkey has proven to have more oil than the miserable patch of sand they’ve carved out of Syria and Egypt…

  3. TOB – glad of the echo. You don’t hear too many in the flatlands of Illinois.

    WWW – that’s a good question. I think the answer might surprise us.

    Jo – yes, that RP commentator certainly got carried away. I think he/she must have been reading David Icke! As for cynicism, with our world leaders, anyone not cynical is brain dead.

    Anan – what have you got against the poor Turks? 😉

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