4 Replies to “Down ‘The Tubes’”

  1. This two year old article on Counterpunch goes through just how bad he was – and his lobbyist son too. I usually have NPR on and they had a segment about Stevens indictment and all the Congressmen were so sympathetic. No wonder Congress has a 9 percent approval rating – less even than Bush.

  2. House of cards, domino effect, mixed metaphors: these politicos are defective and greedy and oh, so sanctimonious. I stayed clear of your Obama post, RJA, as I’ve said it all before and yes, Karl Rove is continuing to pop up in connection with OB.
    And, of course, there may be an October Surprise as a lot are predicting which will make the election moot…..

  3. Flimsy – thanks for the link. He wants to be tried in Alaska. I can understand why. No doubt he’ll get all his buddies on the jury, and on the bench.

    TOB – gold-dust is right.

    WWW – it’s certainly an un-certain world.

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