Don’t Wake Me Up, Just Leave The Bottle

There’s little that incenses me anymore about the world situation. What we do to the planet, and ourselves as a species, was once sufficiently ire-inducing as to provoke angry responses on Sparrow Chat’s pages, that left little doubt as to the opinion of this writer for his fellow human beings.

Or, at least, a certain percentage of them.

I’m not sure if it’s simply life’s orbital swing passing three score years that tempers the emotion, but I’ve discovered of late that no longer can I become angry and frustrated when the news media gushes forth with horrific tales of war and strife, poverty and famine, gross political greed, or even oil companies finally proving beyond any reasonable shadow of doubt they have the capability to destroy our environment with no outside assistance whatever.

Maybe it’s the knowledge, finally realized, that apart from some cataclysmic event like a nuclear holocaust, or on a more personal level, a fatal assault by a Sparrow Chat reader holding a grudge (and possibly an AK47), there’s nothing much that can happen on the world stage at my time of life likely to have a major personal impact.

I already appreciate that this is something of a selfish reaction, so there’s little point you all screaming out, “But, what about the rest of us?”

Frankly, my dears – and to anyone under sixty this may well sound original – I don’t give a damn.

Which raises the question, I suppose, of what is to become of Sparrow Chat. After all, for some seven years this blog has been my personal venting machine – my very own Eyjafjallajokull. Now that the desire to blow my top at every news summary has subsided to little more than a cocked eyebrow and an additional glass of Château de Chasselas, is this literary fumarole about to expire?

I hope not. With life’s long road to retirement almost run there are certainly going to be changes, not least a move within twelve months to Michigan’s Upper Peninsular and a more rural lifestyle, with a quaint old farmhouse and forty acres to play around on.

I won’t stop writing. I may even find myself doing more, though whether Sparrow Chat will figure heavily in that only time will decree.

On thing is absolutely certain: oil spills, American imperialism, and any other madnesses that don’t directly impinge on my bit of Michigan wilderness, will not be on the agenda.

On the other hand, in this life is anything truly certain?

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4 Replies to “Don’t Wake Me Up, Just Leave The Bottle”

  1. Oh my, RJA, that spot in Michigan sounds incredible!
    I’m just about on my expiry date with the anger too, I’m trying to stay extremely local as I watch the bigger world explode around me in all sorts of ways and wondering how I can just get back to writing for pleasure and ignoring all universal shite.
    I hope to see you maintain the blog though you go soft and gentle into the good night!

  2. Good luck with the move – it sounds amazing! Start stocking up that wine cellar now! 😉

    You have done your bit with helping to open eyes (mine especially!) to some of the shame that happens on this world. I know that, since starting to read SC, I’ve started reading headlines a lot more carefully, questioning what and why I am being told something. It may not make a difference to the issues and to the people in power who get away with everything, but at least we are watching, rather than turning away.

    And I do hope you carry on writing – I look forward to hearing all about your new life away from the school bus! 😉

  3. I echo what WWW and Jo have said, RJ.
    I’ll be sorry not to see you venting though – at least now and again, but can appreciate your feelings on the matter, and need to distance yourself from the world’s woes soon, in your wonderful new location.

    Blogging seems to be falling off in general I notice, as older bloggers grow weary, or sick, or find other pastimes. Younger bloggers seem to have converted to Facebook, Twitter and the like. So it’s becoming a dying, outmoded art, I guess.

    I’ll stick at it for a while longer – it beats cleaning the windows! 😉

  4. I would think there are much more on the earth than humans. I’ve even realized humans are not so different from grasshoppers.

    Anyway I hope to see your new environment on this blog.

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