Divine Guidance Or Ungodly Arrogance?

The idea of George W Bush brokering a lasting peace agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians is akin to a vulture presiding over discussions between a wolf and a mouse as to who should have the last piece of cheese on the plate.

Is it nothing more than total arrogance that drives this pathological under-achiever to believe his chances are better than those who have gone before him?

From Security Council Resolution 242 in 1967 to the Geneva Accords of 2003, a plethora of determined, powerful, individuals have attempted to write themselves into the history books by solving the most complex multi-cultural squabble on the planet.

All have retired, beaten and cowed.

As is so often the case, when one party is as strong as a wolf and the other as weak as a mouse, the wolf says, “Why should I give up anything to a creature as weak as a mouse.”

This has been Israel’s attitude towards the Palestinian people for over forty years. Present day commentators are rightly suggesting that, if George Bush is to make any headway at all, it can only come from applying serious pressure on Israel. It is unlikely the Jewish lobby in Washington will stand for too much of that.

Is Bush, perhaps, still relying on his ‘Hotline’ to God?

It’s possible. To an ego so far out of control, the apparent quieting of Iraq – or, at least, Baghdad – may well be perceived as a ‘Sign’ that it’s time for the next big push.

To George Bush’s ego it goes something like this:

“OK, we’ve sorted Iraq, it’s time to solve the Middle East crisis. There’s still twelve months to wrap up the Israeli/Palestinian situation before term end. That’ll please God, and show Carter and Clinton what a real president can do.”

It may sound a trifle flippant, but seriously, with what we know of the man, can it be that far from the truth?

There is, though, another explanation.

Given that the invasion of Iraq was to secure territory, oil fields, and potential future markets, the Jewish lobby may well be persuaded the time is right for a final settlement of the Middle East issue. Many of those allied to the PNAC are powerful Jews. It would be in their interests as businessmen, to secure a more stable region for trade, at the same time strengthening Israel’s position against a threat, however unlikely, from Iran.

It may well be the case that George W Bush has been ‘told’ that now is the time, and an agreement must be forged. Abbas is weak, and likely to agree to decisions not acceptable to the majority of Palestinians. Politicians are adept at selling their people down the river.

Whatever results from the next twelve months, we can sure of one thing: no ‘agreement’ will be acceptable to all the factions. While the Sunnis of Baghdad are prepared to sell themselves to the Americans for $300 a month – at least, temporarily – Hamas will not be bought.

Weighing the pro and cons, it seems likely that in the end George Bush’s ‘Hotline’ will, yet again, have returned him a wrong number.

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4 Replies to “Divine Guidance Or Ungodly Arrogance?”

  1. Thanks for a very interesting piece about our idiot president, RJ. A friend recently pointed out to me a bumper sticker that made me laugh out loud. It said, I never thought I’d miss Nixon.

    George W. Bush makes me ashamed of my country as no president has done in my lifetime. He is an idiot with a lot of power, and that is frightening.

  2. RJA:
    It is like watching a Monty Python skit, to see this cretinous moron brokering peace. I can’t bear it. His big moment. God smiles, pats him on the head and clears space for him at the Right Hand.
    I’ve met so many Americans up here who are both ashamed of what their country has become and terrified for the future and have their names on emigrant waiting lists to move here permanently. As long as we keep Harper leashed.
    It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds in the next twelve months.

  3. Yes, I was amazed that Bush was talking diplomacy when that is so remote from anything he has done so far. “No one knows what goes on behind closed doors” to quote a country western tune. I wouldn’t be too surprised if some deals are being struck.

    I was also sickened by Bush’s fake show of compassion at the Holocaust memorial. The media said he was close to tears – give me a break – he just used the photo op to get on his pulpit about God and faith. If he cared about torture and murder, he would sanction less of it.

  4. Verna – welcome to Sparrow Chat. One wonders who is the most dangerous: a clever, psychopathic, dictator or an idiotic world leader. It could be argued, the latter, for at least with the former one has a clue what is coming next.

    WWW – my wife and I researched moving to Canada on retirement. It seems Canada won’t have us, as we have no relatives there. As you say, the next twelve months should prove interesting. Somehow, I can’t envisage Palestinians dancing in the streets of Jerusalem.

    Flimsy – I just loved the cute way he wore his Kippah! If that wasn’t a slight to the Palestinians, I don’t know what is.

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