Dick Cheney Can Dream, Can’t He?

Is George W Bush hell bent on wrecking the United Nations? Not content with raising his digit in contempt of other nations, and unilaterally imposing US sanctions on Iran for daring to implement a nuclear energy policy in the 21st Century, he deliberately berated Russia and China for not supporting America’s actions.

It seems the legacy George W Bush wishes to leave behind him is one of American alienation from the rest of the world. While certain European poodles still continue to lick their US master’s genitals, most of the world is sick to the back teeth of this gangster administration and its bully-boy policies.

Iran is in the US cross-hairs because it stands as a barrier to continued military interventionism in the Middle East. Bush and Co, in their infinite foolishness, thought Iraq the pushover that would allow a huge troop build-up on the Iraq-Iran border prior to a ground invasion to follow air-strikes on Iran’s Istafan nuclear facilities.

Instead, those troops are bogged down fighting Iraqis who want them out of their country. The US is equally determined it is never going to leave. Iraq must be subdued. The huge US military bases presently under construction throughout Iraq are for a purpose. That purpose is the consolidation of American fire-power prior to a preemptive strike – an invasion – against Iran. “Regime change”, or “bringing freedom and democracy to the Iranian people” will be the banner spewed out by US media outlets as “shock and awe” again glues American citizens to their TV screens.

Of course, right now it’s all still a Cheney pipedream.

Unless Iraq can be squelched into submission quickly, before the elections of 2008, America will be in no position militarily to take on the Iranian forces; a body they’ll find somewhat more hostile than the Iraqi army of Saddam Hussein.

Hence, the present upsurge of rhetoric; the latest round of US sanctions against Iran, designed more to rouse anti-Iranian sentiment in the US than produce an effective stifling of Iran’s economy.

Today, Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, likened America’s intention of siting a missile shield on his doorstep, to the Cuban missile crisis of the 1960’s, at the height of the Cold War. The comparison is wholly accurate. Admittedly, Poland is a little further from Russia than is Cuba from the Florida coast, but given the range of modern missiles the difference is insignificant.

Putin also compared the US administration to “a madman running around with a razor blade” when asked about America’s Iranian sanctions. No doubt he is acutely aware of the consequences should the US eventually prove successful in gaining a foothold in Iran.

They would be at the very gateway of Russia.

As stated earlier, it’s all a pipedream for the moment, but Hillary Clinton has made no secret of her support for military action against Iran. A change of face, or even sex, in the White House is no guarantee that the dream may not one day become reality.

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9 Replies to “Dick Cheney Can Dream, Can’t He?”

  1. No guarantee at all, RJ. I suppose there is a remote possibility that Ms Clinton is courting the moderate Republican vote by her current attitudes, and that once in office she’d become the nice, compassionate liberal – and the Pope might take up pole dancing.

  2. The media has already announced Hillary as the winner, so I suppose the sheeple will fall in line. I really think both parties are so corrupt that there is not a dimes worth of difference as Nader said. If the democrats were worth spit, impeachment proceedings would have been initiated at the beginning. It reminds me of trials where the lawyers act like adversaries but they have more in common with each other than they do with the people they represent.

  3. Me Again: I always hate when I agree with the far right but I believe the UN is a worthless institution but not because it will lead to world domination but because a few nations have veto power and it is thus a oligarchy, not a democratic institutions. We keep it around so our dictators can get up front and act like they are diplomats while they shove crap down the world’s throat.

  4. Flimsy – I don’t consider the UN a worthless institution, but I do believe its function and purpose has been grossly undermined by nations using it as a tool to further their own individual ends. The US has long believed in its right to control the United Nations – a right it has never been granted, but has adopted simply because of its military supremacy in the world. I see the UN, in some ways, as similar to the American Constitution; a worthy institution, but easily corrupted and rendered ineffective by the power-play of unscrupulous political gangsters. Hopefully, both will be mended one day.

  5. off topic: I signed up for Stat Counter and it is an interesting way to spy on yourself. Why in the hell would the Federal Aviation Administration be interested in my tripe?

  6. When I hadn’t blogged for awhile and you sent an email, I answered but the mail was returned so I don’t know if the rjadams@sparrowchat works, that is why I sent it as a comment.

  7. Flimsy – who knows, but it’s scary. Back in 2005, when leaving to fly to Britain, my ticket was marked ‘SSSS’ and I was hauled off and searched. It is very worrying. I’m never sure when I fly out if I’ll get back in again. No-one ever knows who’s watching them these days.

    rjadams@sparrowchat.com does work, but once or twice I’ve had problems sending from it, I guess when the servers down, or they’re working on it. Usually, it’s fine.

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