Defying The Laws Of Nature At Our Peril

The protests in Wisconsin and other US states will continue to escalate, so long as the desires of the wealthy take precedence over the needs of the poor.

Since man came down from the trees, he has been in competition with his fellows for survival and comfort. That is as it should be; nature’s laws are quite specific. Survival of the fittest is how evolution works.

The system man has devised, however, is more in defiance of, rather than in sympathy with, nature’s laws. In modern-day Homo sapien societies, any suggestion that survival of the fittest is a suitable rule to apply, would be rightly frowned upon, yet American society has probably come closer to applying that rule than any other nation in the ‘civilized’ world.

Throughout this land, any mention of assisting the under-privileged through taxation, or similar collective forms of wealth distribution, is met with howls of disgust reminiscent of a wolf pack baying for blood at the full moon of a desolate winter’s night.

American capitalism is survival of the fittest refined to a degree that nature never intended.

If we consider most other forms of animal life on this planet, we find those who form groups or communities to be far more considerate of their fellows than are Homo sapiens. Among the primates is a degree of equality lacking in their human cousins. While males may vie for position as leader of the group, and squabble over the attentions of females, there is no species that allows one sector to become so powerful it separates from the rest and dominates entirely for its own benefit, to the detriment of the rest of the group.

The human being is probably the only mammal on the planet to take the natural survival instinct and turn it into a weapon with which to attack his fellow beings. That weapon has a name; it’s called, greed.

No-one would deny that nature created ‘pecking-orders’. Every wolf pack has its alpha male. But whereas the leader of a wolf pack will care and nurture the group by finding prey and ensuring full bellies, our species’ evolutionary ability to think coherently has only managed to separate its leaders from the ‘pack’. They use their power to further their own interests and comforts, to the detriment of the rest.

Nowhere is this more obvious today than in America. Wisconsin’s governor, Scott Walker, is pretending to be a leader, an alpha male, when in reality he is merely a lowly pawn doing the bidding of those above him. One only has to hear him talk to realize there is more of the weasel about him, than the wolf.

So, are those who truly hold the reigns of power in the world our alpha males? In most cases, no. The leader of the wolf pack gains his status through physical strength and endurance. Those who rule in Homo sapien world are generally weak and enfeebled individuals, empowered by unearned, or ill-gotten, wealth. They need to pay heavily for protection from their fellows, rather than reign supreme by virtue of respect.

Where would Muammar Gaddafi be today without his mercenaries?

Most other forms of animal life long ago settled on the best way to run their societies for the well-being of all. The wolf pack, for example, has existed in similar form for thousands of years. Homo sapiens still cannot agree on how its societies should function. Wars are waged to force one form of societal structure onto another, different, form. The long-running battle of capitalism over communism is a perfect example.

Distribution of wealth is the stumbling block for human society. It should be easy to construct a set of rules ensuring every one individual has sufficient, yet no one gets too much and any surplus is used for the benefit of all. The great human failing is its inability to achieve that. Our societal systems are doomed to failure simply because those charged with defining the rules begin by twisting them to their own, individual, benefit.

Man has converted the law of nature into a selfish, self-centered, ideology. Nature’s ‘survival of the fittest’ rule bears no relation to the, ‘Stuff you, I’m alright, Jack’, philosophy that abounds in America today among those considered the ‘better off’.

It is for this reason alone that no societal structure, whatever its form, can work. The failure of communism, and now capitalism, to create a fair and just society, is the fault – not of the systems, as those holding the reigns of power would have us believe – but of those charged with running and regulating the systems.

Until they, in their turn, are regulated by the rest of us, any societal system is doomed to failure. It may supply plenty in the short term, but the intrinsic greed of its ruling group will eventually force it into failure.

In Wisconsin, the wolf pack has rightly turned on its leader, and is baying for his blood. While Scott Walker pretends to be an alpha male wolf, his weasel mentality will inevitably precipitate failure, providing, of course, the pack keeps up the pressure.

Homo sapiens continue to defy the laws of nature at their peril. Unless we stop twisting the rules to satiate our own individual lusts, at the expense of our fellows, this planet may find the dominant species is once more the wolf pack baying at the full moon of a desolate winter’s night, and Homo sapiens the victims of their own, self-imposed, extinction.

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  1. Try as I might to be a sensible moderate, my nasty soul keeps harking back to the most succinct political philosophy, painted on a wall between Stratford and Liverpool Street stations in London:


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