Defence Pays

Hearty congratulations must be in order for Condoleeza Rice and the US administration, headed by the worst US president in history, for successfully concluding an agreement with the Polish government that will allow American missile bases in that country.

This one act signals the beginning of another Cold War-style standoff between Russia and the West. Just as we citizens of Earth were beginning to hope the thawing of relations through the late nineties would result in a peaceful world for our children, along comes Bush and his belligerent cohorts to kidnap America, set fire to the Middle East, and threaten Russia with nuclear annihilation by placing warheads in her own backyard.

To fan the flames more strongly, Bush then proceeds to huff and puff because Russia isn’t as quick as he’d like in getting out of Georgia. As if it were any of his business.

The American public, meanwhile, slumbers more peacefully in its bed trusting in the knowledge Mister Bush and Co are defending the homeland from attack by ‘rogue’ states, when in fact America’s badly-named ‘missile defense system’ is about as much use as a fart in a colander, and likely to remain so for the next fifty years. During that time, billion of dollars will be poured into defense contracts, supposedly to make it work. It’s unlikely that it will.

George Monbiot reports more fully on this aspect of the Pentagon’s financial benevolence to private industry in his Guardian report entitled,”The Magic Pudding”. It’s Sparrow Chat’s ‘Hot Link’ of the week, and can be found in the sidebar. For those who won’t get around to reading this before Thanksgiving, by which time the Hot Link will probably have changed, it’s also reproduced at the bottom of this post.[1]

In conclusion, this week’s grand announcement of Polish/US entente cordiale has nothing whatever to do with defending the West against ‘rogue states’ or crazed Russians. Instead, it ensures a goodly supply of American taxpayers’ dollars to the private defense industry for the next two generations.

To achieve this, the White House is prepared to risk plunging the world into another Cold War.

[1] “The Magic Pudding” ~ August 19th 2008

NOTE: has been down for some time, so the above link has been switched to the original Guardian article.

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3 Replies to “Defence Pays”

  1. What happens if Russia decides to put a missile defense system in Cuba to defend itself against Georgia? We are led by people who desire the end of the world.

  2. Al – escalation can only result from the West’s idiotic posturing. Frankly, I can’t quite determine whether they want to conquer the world, or end it. Perhaps they’ll be happy with either?

  3. The Rapture Factor needs to be taken into consideration too, RJA. And the acceleration thereof.
    Courtesy of The Invisible Cosmic Housekeeper.

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