Daily, Daily….A Bit Too Daily?

It was Charlie Chaplin who said – “In the end everything’s a gag.”

I suppose, taken to extremes, everything or anything, can be.Now don’t get me wrong, I love Jon Stewart and his Daily Show. At least, given that I only watch it once or twice a week, I love it. Every night might prove over-exposure.

Just occasionally, for me at least, Mister Stewart oversteps the mark. A few weeks ago there was a comedy routine based around the Palestinian situation. Now I accept that, as a Jew, Jon Stewart perhaps has less sympathy for the Palestinian cause than I do, but to sit comfortably in a cosy American studio and attempt to create humor from the suffering and death of innocent human beings caught up in a worldwide political web in which they are the flies, and Western nations allied to Israel are the spiders, fails to stimulate my chuckle-muscle.

Similarly, this week’s abortive attempt to wring humor from the Iraq war left me equally cold. Sending the Daily Show’s intrepid reporter, Rob Riggle to Iraq was, in my humble opinion, neither a humorous venture, nor an essay in good taste.

And what was the purpose of interviewing the military writer of the “Counterinsurgency Field Manual” on Friday night’s offering? It almost makes one begin to wonder if Jon Stewart has been got at by the corporate controllers. First, let’s make light of the Iraq war, then turn the army’s counterinsurgency manual into a best-seller by advertising it on the Daily Show. It is, apparently, on the bookshelves of all major retail outlets, including Amazon, though who the hell would want to read it – other than violent perverts and sick macho types…….ok, ok, say no more, it’s already destined to be a best seller.

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3 Replies to “Daily, Daily….A Bit Too Daily?”

  1. I admit I was kind of surprised by the military guy and by the straight interview. I know that once Stewart was asked why he didn’t put more Republicans on and he said it was because they were asked but they wouldn’t agree to participate. I think the Daily Show has done more to interest young people in politics than all the talking heads combined and if the only way you can get people to think is to disguise it with laughter, great. I wish I could remember which comedian said that only two topics were off limits – no one laughs at the holocaust and abortion.

    Mark Twain remained humorous despite loss of nearly everyone in his family. He said humor came from sorrow. I think he is the best author ever…simple or complex depending on the reader-an amazing feat.

  2. Flimsy – if youngsters can’t laugh at it, it usually bores them. At least, that’s speaking from personal experience of my own sad youth. I can’t help with the quote, but we don’t laugh at abortion or the Holocaust because we’ve been indoctrinated into believing they’re ‘taboo’ subjects. I wonder why?

    I’m not quite the Mark Twain fan you are, but that’s probably because I’m not American and don’t identify so well with his stories, which is not to denigrate him in any way. I do agree he was a rare writer. The Smothers Brothers never made it across the Atlantic, but I note from their Wikipedia entry that CBS eventually censored their shows and finally killed them altogether, due to unrest by their “sponsors”. (For “sponsors” read, the freedom of speech and ideas censors who decide what Americans will see and not see. Nothing changes, does it?)

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