Cracks In The Ice?

A snippet from the report of a recent dinner in Washington for European and American diplomats and high ranking military officers:

“”Just cut us some slack,” shot back the US official addressing the dinner when one former [British] general rose to his feet to suggest that holding prisoners for years in Guantanamo Bay, or using secret CIA jails to extract intelligence might be counterproductive. “We are dealing with a different kind of insurgency here,” said the American testily, “and we need to win.”

“I was trying to be helpful,” said the old soldier with studied politeness. “If you would agree, instead of trying to justify the unjustifiable, the US would be a better place.”

A moment of icy tension that revealed a gaping transatlantic split.”

Read more from the BBC’s Bridget Kendall, “From our own Correspondent” HERE.

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4 Replies to “Cracks In The Ice?”

  1. Sparrow Chat,
    That is very interesting. Instead of saying “We are fighting a new kind of war”, or the other usual talking points, they now say they are fighting a new kind of insurgency? WTF? They are occupying a country which is fragmented due to the invasion and they come up with this? This cabal never ceases to amaze.

  2. The people who are fighting this war, must be fighting their own internal demons. It is a kind of madness infecting a small, but powerful group of people. Their mental disorder is so obvious to us.

  3. Pursey – welcome to Sparrow Chat. I think the phrase, “Just cut us some slack” says a great deal. The US administration knows its cocked up this one good and proper and are a trifle tetchy of criticism, given they have no argument to counter it, and they know it. The excuse of “dealing with a different kind of insurgency” is, I believe, merely a smokescreen against further criticism. The “old soldier” summed it up by suggesting they should stop “trying to justify the unjustifiable”.

    Kvatch – welcome to Sparrow Chat. Not so much the Labor line as Tony Blair’s line. As an illustration, recently in Britain Blair introduced a bill to Parliament that would sanction the continued deployment of the Polaris submarine/Trident nuclear missile program. Many believe that system is now defunct, given it was developed back in the days of the Cold War. The bill was passed, but only after Blair joined forces with the official opposition party, the Tories, to gain enough votes in the House. Many Labor politicians voted against it. The official “Labor line” is somewhat blurry these days.

    PM – the people who are fighting this war – or rather, who planned it – are fighting one particular demon, the certain knowledge that they’ve failed and all the world knows it. Failure is as unacceptable to them as it was to the Japanese officers who fell on their swords after WW2. Right now, not having the courage to follow the example of the Japanese, they are desperately seeking some way to spin something they can hail as a “victory”, thus salvaging some vestige of their shattered egos and reputations. I doubt they’ll succeed to the satisfaction of Americans or the rest of the world, but they may yet manage to fool themselves.

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