Confessions Of A War Criminal – On Bookshelves Now!

George W Bush has the gall to write publish a book about his presidency that he, no doubt, expects the American people to buy and read. Does he believe that two years of obscurity is sufficient to dull the memory of Abu Ghraib, Fallujah, and the torture of US prisoners at his (admitted) command?

Not to mention Kyoto; The ICC; destroying any chance of diplomacy with Iran; 100,000 dead Iraqis; 4,000 dead Americans; supporting the mass slaughter of Lebanese civilians by Israel in the 2006 Lebanon war; trampling all over the Geneva Conventions.

And then, of course, there was Hurricane Katrina.

Is two years long enough for the American people to forget?

Yes, for many it probably is.

Will it be long before a similar literary offering emerges from Bush’s puppetmeister, Cheney?

He could call it: “Topiary – or, How To Shape A Bush My Way.”

For a more detailed analysis of George W Bush’s presidency, see this week’s “Latest Hot Link” in the sidebar.

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3 Replies to “Confessions Of A War Criminal – On Bookshelves Now!”

  1. I presume it’s the same story as with Tony Blair – neither of them can honestly see that a thing that they did was wrong.

    And that is an excellent web link – thank you very much for sharing it!

  2. UGH!!! Don’t want to think about HIM any more, let alone read a book he is said to have written. His legacy is still here for all to see without any prompting from a book. 🙁

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