Clinton Magic, Or Plain Old Glib And Glitz?


It’s amazing how quickly perceptions can change. Only yesterday Hillary Clinton was considered cold, calculating, and a totally establishment-immersed politician; a hawk of the Democratic party.

Today, thanks to the glib tongue of her ex-president husband, she’s warm, kind, and caring…

“I married my best friend,” he said. “We’ve been walking and talking and laughing together ever since.”[1]

…a champion for all American people.

At least, that’s how the media portrays it.

There’s no doubt Bill Clinton did a good job. His rendition of their early life and love would bring a tear to any eye. But, let’s not forget, even Crippen was capable of intense love, and the Clinton’s marriage may have endured for more practical reasons than adoration, particularly given Bill’s ability to spread his ‘love’ around.

Can anyone change their character and personality overnight? Of course not. Hillary Clinton is the exact same person she was yesterday, last week, and probably forty years ago when she married her husband. They were both at law school together.

Glib talking and glitz are the prerequisites of U.S. political conventions. They’re meaningless tinsel, designed only to stir the right emotions. Reality, truth, and sincerity are low down on the menu, if listed at all. Or, maybe they’re ‘Off’ – “sorry, sold out” – on that particular day.

The Clintons are surrounded by controversy: mafia involvement, murder, financial malpractices, rape and sexual harassment….the list does tend to go on and on. While much of it is hard to prove and some, at least, no more than malicious gossip, the sheer weight of accusations surrounding this couple would most certainly have instigated serious criminal investigations into the activities of any less powerful individuals.

Given that the prerequisite for a U.S. president has always been an unblemished record and personal life, Hillary Clinton hardly seems a suitable candidate. She is known to have lied publicly (remember how she ducked low to avoid the bullets while leaving her helicopter in Iraq?), and her latest email débâcle would have seen a lesser mortal incarcerated.

It’s surely an indicator of the decline in political standards everywhere that neither Clinton, nor her opponent in the upcoming presidential campaign, are remotely suitable for the office they’re hoping to fill. It leaves Americans in a dilemma, between a twisted, egomaniacal, businessman on one side, and an untrustworthy, establishment hawk with, at best, a dubious résumé, on the other.

The world is in crisis mode, but to many Democrats the glib tongue of Bill Clinton conveniently transformed his wife into a global messiah overnight.

We’ll have to see if this Clinton magic spell is sufficiently durable to last until November.

[1] “US election: Bill Clinton backs ‘best friend’ Hillary to lead US” BBC, July 27th 2016

5 Replies to “Clinton Magic, Or Plain Old Glib And Glitz?”

  1. Alternatives?

    She cut a deal with hubbie as he was unclothed. I’ve heard of her philandering too BUT I don’t think the noses of the nation should be into any pols’ knickers. Seriously. They’re all at it. Given the opp.

    Drumpf though is truly terrifying.


  2. I couldn’t bear to watch any of Thursday night’s
    goins’ on in Philadelphia, even reading about it afterwards has been beyond me. I’m sickened.

    Her Majesty wore white, that much I’ve not been able to avoid due to the yuuuuge number of photos around the net. Wonder what brought that on? Symbolising purity and truth? (Kidding of course). To go with the red and blue balloons to match the organised and ordered chants of USA,USA,USA…. to drown out those of Bern-ee, Ber-nee…Ber-nee!? Most likely.

  3. WWW – I find them both terrifying!

    Twilight – yes, it was quite awful. I think we Brits find that whole razzmatazz thing somewhat embarrassing. American culture’s fine on the TV from 4,500 miles away, but when you have to live it daily it begins to grate after a while. If U.S. and U.K. cultures are so different, how on earth can U.S. policy-makers believe Arab cultures are capable of adapting to the American way? But it’s exactly what they do believe.

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