Christmas – A Great Time For American Infighting?

What is this weird insecurity that makes Americans fight about Christmas. You hear it regularly, but only in this country, at this time of year: “The Liberals want to ban Christmas”; “Happy Holidays”; “Christmas is being hijacked from the Christians”; “Liberals hate Christmas”.

I made the mistake of reading the “Madisonville Meteor” recently and came across this article by Katharine DeBrecht. Of course, the “Madisonville Meteor” is a Texas journal so I should have known better, but Ms DeBrecht appeared singularly hate-filled against those fellow humans who dared to question her rigid religious beliefs. The name was not familiar until I read that Ms DeBrecht writes children’s books, her first being entitled: “Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed!”. She has three children. I’m glad I was never one of them.

Her opening paragraph for the “Meteor” begins:

“I came across a bumper sticker the other day while Christmas shopping that proudly proclaimed “Jesus was a liberal.” Of course, this gave me great pause. If Jesus was a liberal, you might as well forget Joseph. Jesus would have had two mommies……”

Excuse me?

Here we have a “Christian” mindset at work vividly illustrating the mind-numbing effect of ecclesiastical brainwashing. It would be hilarious, but for the fact that this woman writes books for children and somebody is happy to publish them.

Presumably, Ms DeBrecht’s definition of a “liberal” (she consistently uses the small “L”) is anyone not totally imprisoned in the hate-ridden, dogmatic, religious traditions that pass for some strange notion of Christianity (minus the “Christ” part) in this nation.

Coming as I do from a continent that still manages to integrate some aspects of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John into its Christian ideals, rather than reverting to the barbarous, tribally-orientated, mess of often mentally-retarded scribblings that passes for sacred Old Testament scripture, interspersed with a smattering of likely drug-induced fantasy from those who wrote years and years after Jesus’s supposed death, and had no personal contact with him whatever, I find the “American” idea of Christianity incredibly disturbing.

She continues with these gems of wisdom:

“God is for life: Liberals are for the culture of death through euthanasia and abortion.

Brainwashed individuals often ignore the most obvious evidence against their indoctrinations, and Ms DeBrecht is no exception. Here, she fails to accept the “Christian” war in Iraq, perpetrated by a born-again “Christian” and supported by vast numbers of “Christians” throughout America, despite the deaths and suffering of twenty thousand Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. Compared to those, the “sin” of mercifully releasing a terminally ill patient wishing to expire with dignity, or the surgical removal of a undeveloped foetus before birth, seem somewhat meagre.

“God is for marriage between one man and one woman: Liberals are for same sex marriage.”

It’s a known fact that brainwashing induces confusion, and here Ms DeBrecht has difficulty differentiating between the words “liberal”, and “gay” or “homosexual”. This is common, particularly among those “Christians” addicted to the Christian Broadcasting Network. Hardly surprising when one considers its founder was baptized Marion, and changed his name to Pat (short for Patricia?).

“God is for faith, liberty, and values: Liberals are for government control and handouts.”

Considering the present Republican government is the most controlling in US history, this makes no sense whatever. But then, very little emanating from what passes for Ms DeBrecht’s mind does, so what’s new?

“God wants us to put Him first: Liberals are for putting themselves first.”

The obvious answer to this comment is simply to quote the parable of the Good Samaritan, but as Ms DeBrecht’s religion conveniently excludes any reference by Jesus of Nazareth to loving and caring for those not necessarily of our creed or nationalty, it would only produce a rather bewildered expression from Ms DeBrecht, probably followed by the rather gutteral ejaculation: “This does not compute!”.

But what has all this to do with Christmas? The title of Ms DeBrecht’s article is “Why liberals loathe Christmas”. She does eventually get around to the subject:

“Christmas represents a religion with a moral code. There are no exceptions for the “if it feels good, do it” liberal crowd. Self-absorption and instant gratification have no room when one centers his or her life around God, and not self.”

And then:

“No one committing immoral behavior wants to be reminded that they are doing just that. Instead they seek to belittle the religion that requires a moral code, and elevate their own self-engineered code. How dare anyone define my morality, I define it the way I want to!”

What Ms DeBrecht is rather forcibly saying here is that Christmas is solely the property of Christians, and anyone else had better shut-up about the subject. In fact, Christmas in its original form, has nothing whatever to do with Christianity but was a pagan festival celebrating the God Mithra, who incidentally is reputed to have been born on December 25th, of a virgin, while shepherds and magicians looked on. The date was conveniently hijacked, along with much other stuff, by the early Christian church during the time when it was busy making up all the ‘facts’ about Jesus it didn’t already know – which was most of it.

Certainly, I would agree with Ms DeBrecht that Christianity is a religion with a moral code, along with Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Taoism, and all other religions. Where I disagree with Ms DeBrecht is in her definition of that moral code. All religions, including Christianity, contain the same moral code, defined in the Christian tradition as:

“Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, soul, and voice, and thy neighbor as thyself.”

The last two words are equally as important as the rest. No-one can define with accuracy who or what is “the Lord thy God”, but we can certainly define ourselves. Loving ourselves, and others as ourself, is the crux of Christianity and all other religions.

Christmas is a celebration of that Love. As such, it is open to all – “our neighbors, as ourself”. Ms Debrecht would limit those who can enjoy Christmas to the members of her exclusive little American club. She bastardizes the Christian religion and defames the name of Jesus by so doing. She, and those who agree with her views, are politicizing Jesus’ message in the name of Christianity.

The parable of the Good Samaritan defines “our neighbor” as being anyone, anywhere in the world and of any, or no, religion. It demands that the door of Christmas be thrown open to everyone, whatever their creed or nationality. It is a celebration of our Love for ourselves; our Love for others, and our Love for our God, in whatever form that “God” takes.

Methinks Ms DeBrecht needs to learn a little about the wonder of expansive Love.

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5 Replies to “Christmas – A Great Time For American Infighting?”

  1. Katharine DeBrecht is obviously one of those glaringly sick individuals who enjoys spewing all over everyone. I,too, am thankful I didn’t have her as a mother or role model of any kind. Ick.

  2. I think the religious right preaches so much hate because hate is such a powerful motivator for their own kind.

    I listened to a speaker on C-Span yesterday who wrote that conservative Christians are more charitable than liberals. I wonder if their own churches and conservative think tanks and things like Right-to-Life were considered charities. I have so much trouble seeing Charity as one of their traits.

  3. Can I add a quote from my novelette?
    As a student of cult behavior, the Christian Fundamentalist movement’s leadership scares me. The movement grows through the power of hate and fear. They hate faggots, dykes, feminazis, niggers, kikes, spics, chinks, commies, towelheads, tree-huggers, intellectuals, liberals, laborers, and believe people are poor because they are inferior. They know precisely what they’re doing, just like any greedy bully does. They know that a small, powerful group can rule through fear, rage, and intimidation. It’s a little like how the South managed to avoid Reconstruction – they didn’t have the numbers, but they had the pure thuggish hatred on their side. Anton Chekhov said, “Love, friendship, respect, do not unite people as much as a common hatred of something.” And like the Nazis storm troopers belt buckle slogan Gott Mit Uns (God is with us) they claim to know God’s will. The power takeover has been slow but determined. Members are encouraged to take over local elections and churches distribute voting guides to their members. Academically not only are the textbooks and curricular materials attacked, but also the libraries of the country are plagued by the loss of their liberal and non creationist scientific books as charismatic Christians “lose” books and pay for them in the hope the library can not replace them or at the very least will keep the idea off the shelf for the time it takes to reorder and process the replacement. To prevent the influence of reason, tolerance, or unapproved ideas, parents are encouraged to homeschool.

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