Chinese Lanterns?

About nine months ago the Adam’s household decided it was time to go green and replace all those old, high-energy, incandescent light bulbs with the new curly-wurly type.

Two boxes were purchased from Wal-Mart. One contained 60-watt equivalents, the other, 75-watt equivalents.

According to the blurb on the box, each bulb would last, “up to nine years!” This is good news as the new ‘greener’ bulbs contain mercury – a highly toxic element – and must be disposed of “as regulated by your local state authority.”

Where we live, the nearest recycling unit is seven miles away. That’s a long away to go just to trash a used light bulb. Still, every nine years isn’t so bad, and it is helping save the planet.

Except, two of these bulbs have burnt out within nine months.

Now, I know it states on the box – ‘up to’ nine years – but if you bought a car with an ‘up to’ 100,000 mile warranty and it fell apart after 11,000 miles, you’d be a bit miffed, wouldn’t you?

Then I checked the bulb packaging. On the back it said, “Made in China”.

‘nough said.

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3 Replies to “Chinese Lanterns?”

  1. Anyone who shops in WallyWorld deserves what they get.
    Proudly Wally & Big Box free since 2003.
    And yes, it is hard work and costs a bit more.

  2. Why do I shop at Wal-Mart? Because where I live there is very little choice. Most food shopping is done at another large supermarket chain, which stocks better quality produce. But, for hardware items the only alternative is Menards or Lowes, and both are way, way, out of town. And they only stock the same ‘Made in China’ items.

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