6 Replies to “Chalk And Cheese”

  1. Twilight – yes, it does. I’ve wracked my brains but can only come up with words or phrases it definitely shouldn’t be. Not ‘Gordon Brown save….’ or, ‘Parliament save….’

    How about changing the first line to:
    “Cheers to our gracious Queen….” and it could be mandatory that we all hold a glass of our favorite tipple while we sing it? I think that might go down well.

    WWW – powerful things, words. As you know well.

  2. It came to me just now, RJ :

    “Good health to our gracious Queen
    Long live our noble Queen
    Honoured is she.
    Send her victorious
    Happy and glorious
    Long to reign over us
    Our honoured Queen.”

    The rest of the lyrics need ditching anyway.

    Think it’d catch on? 😉

  3. Twilight – I like it, but my version allows for more alcohol. Oh, and I’ll happily join you, provided its a quality Highland malt, of course.

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