Beware! A Virulent Organism Has Reappeared


Occasionally, society is faced with a disease that threatens humanity. Usually vaccinations are manufactured that control the organism and all is well. Then, surreptitiously, the disease reappears under a different guise and new vaccinations need to be discovered to deal with it.

Unfortunately, society appears to have no effective vaccine to permanently overcome the virulent organism that is the ex-British Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

After some years on the outskirts of society, shunned by the media, the Blair organism has gradually been reintroducing itself. More and more frequent cases have been appearing on the back pages of media sites and popular news tomes, until now the beginnings of an epidemic are apparent on the front pages of the BBC, Guardian, and other U.K. news outlets.

This latest outbreak is cleverly disguised as a benevolent bacteria. It fronts the latest Blair attempt to ingratiate itself back into society as one of those ‘benevolent bacteria’. The “Blair Foundation” is ostensibly portrayed as a means to :

…promote greater understanding between the world’s religions and to challenge extremism and prejudice…[1]

It’s a clever device to hide a malignancy once more spreading across the U.K., and if not stopped, eventually the whole of the Western world.

Don’t be fooled. Since time immemorial there have been many organisations specifically designed to “promote greater understanding between the world’s religions,” – they’re called “churches”.

The “Blair Foundation” is a clever mutation to once again spread Blair throughout humanity, and it’s using the mainstream media to infect us all with its malignancy.

Blair’s latest quote: “The West is not to blame for the situation in the Middle East,” is paramount in recognizing the true malignancy of this latest mutation of the organism. There can be no element of doubt, when facts are truly known and the West’s interventions in the Middle East over the last century properly analysed, that Western nations – mainly Britain, France, and more latterly, the United States – are the sole reason for today’s “situation in the Middle East.”

The Blair is on the move. It can be stopped. The Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War is finally to be published on July 6th, and this latest outbreak of the disease is surely in readiness for that. The report will unlikely be sufficient on its own to prevent further spread of the infection. Only a public uprising, condemning once and for all the malignancy of Blair, in all its mutations, and ensuring it’s locked away for good where it can do no further harm to humanity, will suffice to prevent further contamination.

Be warned. Be prepared. Blair is once again out to get – YOU!

[1] “Blair: Corbyn in power would be a ‘dangerous experiment'” BBC, May 28th 2016

2 Replies to “Beware! A Virulent Organism Has Reappeared”

  1. I so despise this snivelling little snake of a man, never forgot the image of him giggling with Bush as they set fire to the middle East with hundreds of thousands of children’s blood on their hands.

    Well written, RJA.


  2. WWW – my feelings exactly. I doubt Chilcot will tell it all. A slap on the wrist, and underlings will carry any can. Bush and Blair being sentenced to life at the Hague – that would be justice. Along with, of course, the psychopaths Cheney and Rumsfeld, and a few others.

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