Better Late Than Never?

It’s not often George W Bush is regaled with applause on these pages. More frequently, he is reviled for the uncaring, unfeeling, spoiled and obnoxious brat that he undoubtedly is. On this occasion, however, he has achieved a modicum of success rightly deserving the respect of the American people, if not the world.

The triumph of diplomacy achieved by the US in its negotiations with North Korea can only leave us breathless with admiration. Six years ago, when George W Bush initially came to power, he threw out the “Agreed Framework” negotiated between the Clinton administration and Pyongyang, naming that state a member of his “Axis of Evil”. At that time, it is unlikely North Korea was in possession of any nuclear weapons. Six years later, they undoubtedly have five or six stashed away.

Nevertheless, the agreement hammered out between Washington and Pyongyang today is a success. It basically resurrects the “Agreed Framework” that George W Bush cast to the winds six years ago. Only now, North Korea is a nation with nuclear weapons.

Well done, Mister President! Or, more exactly – well done, Condoleeza Rice!

For, according to sources close to the White House, Ms Rice approached George W Bush recently and said, “We need a foreign policy success.”

As a result, Christopher Hill, America’s chief envoy, was told to get one – whatever the cost.

After all, anything that draws American focus away from Iraq……….

Once again – well done, Mister President!

Yeh, right!

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