Are Western Leaders Scared To Defy Donald Trump?

Americans hate to be disliked. There’s a section of American society that cannot comprehend why, when their military invades another country, the populace fails to shower them with kisses and candy. In order to rationalise this in their minds Americans have deduced that the only possible reason these people hate them is because they themselves aren’t American.

Unfortunately, they got it wrong. In reality the caption should read:

“They Hate Us ‘Cause WE ARE Us.”

The title “Hero of the Week” must surely go to Margot Wallstrom, the Swedish foreign minister who, apart from the unfortunates who were victims of it, was the only member of the United Nations to be forthright in her condemnation of Donald Trump’s disgraceful apology of a speech given to the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday.

“It was the wrong speech, at the wrong time, to the wrong audience.”

If any criticism could be leveled at Ms Wallstrom it is merely that she didn’t go anywhere close to far enough in her condemnation of Trump’s bellicose utterances. His language brought discredit on the office of President of the United States, and on the United Nations. No American president has ever publicly threatened to totally destroy another nation, and probably the last foreign leader to do so was Adolf Hitler. Venezuela’s foreign minister described Trump as the “New Hitler,” after the U.S. president called that country’s government “a corrupt socialist dictatorship,” and threatened ‘action’ against it.

Apart from Margot Wallstrom, the only other voices raised in protest belonged to Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, and the Bolivian president, Evo Morales, an ally of Venezuela:

“I am not surprised that a multi-millionaire like Trump attacks socialism. Our struggle will always be ideological and pragmatic.”

Where were the protests from the European contingent? Silence reigned, at least publicly. Macron only commented mildly on Trump’s assertion that the Iranian nuclear deal was:

“…one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into”.

By saying:

“Renouncing it would be a grave error.”

As the U.S. presidency of this unhinged ego-maniac progresses it’s hard not to notice how western politicians are falling into line behind him. Barely a vertebra of backbone exists between the lot of them. Are they really too scared to stand up to this monster? It’s obvious to anyone with even a whiff of intelligence that the man is no more capable of sanely leading the free world than a hungry shark could teach a school of herrings to dance a hornpipe.

For too long now Europe, in the guise of NATO, has willingly provided an aura of respectability to America’s misguided military adventures in the Middle East. It has resulted in the destruction of civilizations many thousands of years older than the fledgling U.S.A., the deaths, maimings, rapings, and displacement of tens of millions of innocent human beings, and it’s still ongoing to this day.

To all that slaughter and misery, not just in the Middle East but affecting many here in the West – in Paris, London, and many other cities throughout Europe – Trump would add the “total destruction” of a nation comprising over twenty-five million people. Can that possibly be considered the action of a sane person? Do our European representatives have the right to sit on their hands – to do and say nothing in rebuke? Is Margot Wallstrom the only one with the balls to denounce Trump, while all the men show themselves up to be eunuchs?

Kim Jong-un’s regime is brutal, but his people know no other leader. They are conditioned to protect their homeland against the Western devils:

One of many anti-American propaganda posters in North Korea

They hate the West not because of any innate jealousy of our lifestyles, but because we’re the ones who, given the opportunity, would take their country away from them.

“They Hate Us ‘Cause WE ARE Us.”

If the West is drawn into a conflict with North Korea, they will fight with every man and woman they have. The only way to stop them will be nuclear weapons. That will annihilate much of South Korea, possibly Japan also, and likely bring Russia and China into a World War against the West.

But Trump wouldn’t let that happen. Or would he? Bellicose grandstanding eventually reaches a point where the only alternatives are to back down or “put the money where the mouth is” – to “put up or shut up.”

Egomaniacs like Trump can’t abide losing face. They’d sooner destroy the world than appear to show weakness. Unfortunately, given the example of the U.N. Assembly it seems unlikely other Western leaders will step in to stop him.

4 Replies to “Are Western Leaders Scared To Defy Donald Trump?”

  1. There’s a continuous, months long, fast-flowing torrent of major criticism of Trump by on-line people, professional and otherwise; the same, far as I can tell, applies to TV political shows, chat shows; same on radio too, no doubt. It IS surprising that more leaders are not voicing more concern. It can’t be because they think the American people love their president, so they don’t want to upset things! They’d have massive support on every side.

    All of which makes one wonder whether Trump’s attitude, his words and threats are what these leaders really want said, but do not wish to lose their own face by admitting as much. What other explanation is there?

  2. Twilight – I think the other explanation may be NATO. Europe and most of the so-called ‘allies’ of America are beholden to the U.S. for protection from nuclear attack, in the form of the ‘nuclear umbrella’. Trump’s policy of ‘America First’ could jeopardize Europe’s security if he withdrew the military support vital to NATO’s functioning. If Europe refuses to play ball with him he’s sufficiently vindictive to remove that support. Remember his attitude to NATO when he was campaigning? It’s the case that Europe needs America more than America needs Europe. The U.S. military is powerful enough to not need NATO support when it goes to war, and Trump is ensuring it becomes more powerful by injecting billions of dollars into the Pentagon. Indeed, for many years now NATO involvement in places like Iraq, Syria, Libya, has been more to provide a gloss of respectability (internationalism) to U.S. actions rather the need for additional military might. The U.S. has provided 90% of that in most conflicts for a very long time.
    I fear European leaders are between a rock and a hard place with Trump. France has recently advocated forming a European military, but the demise of the U.K. from the E.U. scene could complicate that. It’s a great idea, in theory, but they may have left it rather late. Trump, I believe, has them over a barrel.

  3. Ah the New American Century live and in Living Colour.

    We are not surprised surely?

    Constant war, excessive braggadocio, “they hate us because of our freedoms”, not forgetting ” Make America Great Again”. The Big Racist dog-whistling to his supporters.

    Jingoism at its worst.

    You bailed out in time.

    It’s getting more nasty by the day. And Gaia is sending powerful messages.


  4. WWW – Yes, I bailed out in time, but I fear Trump-ism will reach even over to France eventually. If Trump doesn’t kill us all then the planet will ably assist our mass suicide.

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