Are Jewish Blackshirts On The March?

The British MP George Galloway has been banned from entering Canada. The decision was at the behest of the Canadian Jewish Defence League, headed by one Meir Weinstein.

Sparrow Chat helped to highlight the controversy in an article on March 20th 2009[1]

On that date, the UK’s Channel 4 News arranged an interview with George Galloway and Meir Weinstein to debate the decision:

Watching this video, and listening to Meir Weinstein, the idea of Jewish jackboots kicking down your door suddenly becomes a little less fanciful.

[1] “Erosion Of Freedom – Canadian Fashion” Sparrow Chat, March 20th 2009

With thanks to This Old Brit and Gert for highlighting the video.

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5 Replies to “Are Jewish Blackshirts On The March?”

  1. Weinstein is one scary dude (as they say over here). George is exactly the right the man to confront him though.
    Whether they let him in or not, a point has been made, and a good one!

  2. My thanks too, RJ.

    That guy looks, acts and sounds more like a Mafia hitman than did ANY American, Italian, Scicilian, whatever : on screen or off screen. Jeeze, talk about neanderthal.

  3. It’s this type of flagrantly inappropriate use of power that exposes these pro-Israeli plants as just that.
    I know what my visceral reaction is to the infiltration of these guys with their heavy handed attempts to manipulate and brainwash, always reverting to the holocaust playbook.
    I’m sure my reaction is fast becoming typical, if it isn’t mainstream already.
    As for Galloway, I’d trade in the whole US Congress for one guy like him.

  4. Twilight – this whole movement, of religion into politics, is very unsettling. Muslims, Christians, Jews – they’re all using it for their own nefarious political purposes, and with some success.

    Gert – I just hope your sources are right.

    TOB – sometimes I think large sections of the human race are regressing – back to their neanderthal roots.

    Alison – aren’t they aware of the antisemitism they’re creating by this behavior? Or, is it a deliberate ploy for some devious purpose we gentiles have yet to fathom?

    Galloway doesn’t bow the knee to anyone. I know of not one member of the US Congress I can honestly describe that way.

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