Are Bruised NFL Wives More Important To AmericansThan Crucified Iraqis?


If you wish to familiarize yourself with the social characteristics of a nation then study their media. Since the advent of mass media communications (TV, internet, etc.), media organizations have striven to reflect the characteristics of their audiences. Indeed, some would argue they now do much more than that, they actually control and alter those characteristics.

A fine example of this is the recent US news media’s obsession with the antics of a tiny minority of NFL players, found guilty of domestic violence. Not that such matters should be quietly brushed under the carpet. Domestic violence is not just an NFL problem, nor even an American issue. It’s an obnoxious trait that abounds throughout humanity, often with no means of redress for the victim. But, frankly, when compared to mass executions by crucifixion or beheading, it pales almost into insignificance.

Why then, do the major US news channels consider the sadistic behavior of a few NFL players towards their wives and families, vastly more important than the above-mentioned atrocities taking place daily in the Middle East?

For the last six evenings NBC News has led with (and devoted much of its news time to) this NFL non-story. The plight of the Iraqi people at the hands of the terror group, ISIS, has received barely a mention. Will the man in charge at the NFL stay or go? The nation remains glued to its TV screens waiting to be told. It’s the hottest story off the press right now for a populace of 300,000,000 people.

Or, is it?

Is this really a case of the media reflecting the character of its audience? If so, it says very little for the American people, who are much more interested in the activities of their football teams than the torturing and killing of thousands of their fellow human beings.

Or, is the news media being used to control the minds of the populace? Don’t tell the peasants what really matters, for then they won’t be concerned by it. Instead, feed them constant headlines about the antics of their football stars so they won’t think too hard about those foreign innocents cruelly slaughtered as a direct result of their government invading a foreign nation and devastating it, leaving a political vacuum, and lots of nice weaponry, for ISIS to stroll in and control.

It’s a fine example of news not being in the news, therefore not being news. The US foray into Iraq was a total failure and something of an embarrassment. It’s better forgotten. It’s not our concern anymore – unless they try to mess with us. Let the sand-niggers[1] fight it out among themselves.

God forbid that those media outlets that supported their country’s invasion of Iraq (and that means all of them) should feel any guilt or responsibility for swaying the opinions of the US public back in 2002/03.

After all, that would be so un-American.

[1] “The only thing these sand niggers understand is force and I’m about to introduce them to it.” ~ Senior US officer addressing troops prior to the battle for Fallujah, Iraq 2003.

See: “What’s an Iraqi Life Worth?” Andrew Bacevich writing in the Washington Post, July 9th 2006

2 Replies to “Are Bruised NFL Wives More Important To AmericansThan Crucified Iraqis?”

  1. “Or, is the news media being used to control the minds of the populace? ”

    That’s the reason I don’t watch TV news any longer, or listen to radio news. The whole news thing, and its purveyors, on TV looks and sounds synthetic – The Muppets are more genuine; dang, even the adverts are more genuine!

  2. I haven’t watched this tripe in 25 years now.

    It’s all about pimping products – and I include the machinery of war and devastation in that. NFL is a huge industry. Of course I’m not surprised. The prurient will now be attracted to it as well and wife beaters. Big money.


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