Are Americans Stupid? Bush Thinks They Are…..

George Bush must think the citizens he presides over are as thick as the proverbial pig-dung. Thankfully, we know they’re not. At least, not the vast majority. There are, as always, a few who would rather hang on Bush’s every word, rather than use their limited braincells to deduce differently, but thankfully they’re in the minority.

Today, in regard to the Iraqi army’s (with much US assistance) attacks against the Shia militias holed up in Basra, George Bush said Iraq was “returning to normalcy”. He praised Maliki for his “bold decision” to engage the militias.[1]

The truth is Maliki has done nothing bold in his life, unless it was due to pressure from elsewhere. Basra is a major port for exporting oil, and the militias were making life difficult for those charged with carrying out that task. The US demanded Iraqi forces tackle the problem and Maliki, like the puppet he is, has danced to their tune.

The result has been spectacular. Today, militias blew up one of the major oil pipelines through Basra, curtailing much of the oil flow to the port and immediately sending oil prices up to $107 a barrel on world markets.

It’s a simple case of Iraqi politicians being unable to agree on anything, so resorting to military means as a poor substitute, inflaming other factions of the Mahdi army, and causing violence to escalate throughout the country. Yesterday, the Green Zone was attacked yet again, and more mortars and rockets have been bombarding the area today.

Yes, a “bold” move indeed on the part of Mister Maliki and his US handlers. But then, George Bush knows no other way but bully-boy tactics. It sums up the story of Bush’s life. From pulling the legs off live frogs as a boy, to decimating a whole nation, once Daddy and Mommy bestowed on him the power to do so, as the worst, and most megalomaniacal, world leader since the Roman emperor, Nero.

One can only wonder how long the American people, listening to the lies they are told every day, will continue to pretend they’re stupid enough to believe them?

[1] “Bush hails ‘bold’ Iraqi PM Maliki”, BBC, March 27th, 2008

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  1. I think you’re missing the point, RJA.
    Bush’s normalcy is a far, far better place than you and I, with our limited intelligence, can envision.
    He da man.

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