Apportioning The American Dream

Referencing the last post, a reader (“WWW”) asked in her comment if I had viewed a certain video on YouTube. I hadn’t, but I have now.

As the video has a direct bearing on the subject matter discussed in the last post, I am reproducing it below:

This state of affairs, which is of course in no way specific to Burger King and Goldman Sachs, but is endemic throughout much of America i.e. most fast food outlets, retail conglomerates like Wal-Mart, Target, etc – is exactly what Mister Rick Santelli and his “Fan Club” wish to maintain and propagate. It is the American Dream. It’s also why so few Americans ever realize their American Dream. For every success there are a thousand failures.

The reason is quite simple: the American Dream feeds off the poor, the low-paid, the underprivileged, without giving anything back.

It’s time to give back. It’s time the American Dream was shared out more fairly. It’s time the American Dream was no longer kept padlocked in the vaults of the wealthy and powerful.

It’s time for the Rick Santelli’s of this world to shut their mouths and stop bleating about “socialism” as though it were on par with Nazism, or Islamic terrorism.

It’s time the underprivileged of America were treated less like failures, and more like victims.

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6 Replies to “Apportioning The American Dream”

  1. Jeez, girls! Are you still using the horribly inferior and insecure Internet Explorer browser? Get yourselves a decent one – like Firefox.

    There, for those of you still under the Devil Microsoft’s fiendish spell, I’ve fixed it for you.

  2. Thanks RJ ~ One day, when I’m feeling brave, I’ll swap browsers.

    Agree with all you’ve said above, especially about the bleating about socialism – it drives me mad! Even the best of the left here think it’s a step too far!

  3. You know my daughter installed firefox for me and I still cruise to IE. I’m stupid that way ;^)
    My favourite question of people who tell me all will be fine,just give it another few months, is “And how does capitalism work exactly?”

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