A recent article in Sparrow Chat, “No Healthcare For Aussies”, stated:

“In it’s 1996 report “Buying A Movement”, the ultra-conservative organization “People for the American Way” describe the Manhattan Institute as…….”

Of course, as one commenter, “Matt”, rightly pointed out the organization “People for the American Way” is most certainly not ultra-conservative. It’s president, Ralph G Neas, states on their website:

“We’re fighting to maintain and expand 50 years of legal and social justice progress that right-wing leaders are trying to dismantle. We won’t let them turn back the clock on our rights and freedoms.”

Sparrow Chat apologizes to its readers for this inadvertent, but misleading mistake.

6 Replies to “Apologies…….”

  1. Oh dear,RJ.Seems you also are having trouble with accurate and truthful reporting!Ever thought of applying for job with the BBC? Not embedded,of course.

  2. It isn’t like you took out the wrong organ or gave out a medicine that killed someone. Now that is a mistake. Actually all the organizations and think tank names sound so similar and all sound so patriotic, it would be an easy mistake to make. It was decent of you to apologize – mainstream media seldom does and they make lots of them.

  3. JPGR – aha, they couldn’t pay me enough.

    Flimsy – yes, it can be difficult to differentiate between factions sometimes, although in this instance I was already aware of PFAW’s affiliations, and I put the mistake down to a “senior moment”. My mind was on the Manhattan Institute while writing about PFAW. Perhaps it will teach me to proof-read more accurately in future, though I doubt it.

  4. No sweat, my friend. The complexity of acronyms in the real world and reflected on the net/web are bound to confound the best of us!

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