Another Load Of False Information

Most will remember the incident in March 2007, store when fifteen UK Marines were seized by Iranian forces from, troche so we were told, Iraqi territorial waters.[1]

This now turns out not to be the case. The particular stretch of water where this incident occurred has been in contention for over four hundred years. The United States, along with its puppy, Britain, decided to make up their own territorial boundary following the invasion of Iraq, but failed to inform the Iranians.

Consequently, the Iranians considered the British boats to be trespassing in Iranian waters. They have always maintained that to be the case – rightly, it now appears.

Defense secretary, Des Browne, repeatedly told the British Parliament Iran had snatched the fifteen from Iraqi waters.

Under the British Freedom of Information Act, the Times newspaper gained access to official documents relating to the incident, finally exposing the lies and deception to public scrutiny.[2]

Once again we have an example of the depths to which both US and UK governments are prepared to sink in order to manipulate the minds of their respective electorates. American politicians have been blatant of late in their publicly propagandist attitudes towards Iran, for no other purpose than keeping the US populace onside should suitable opportunity arise to manufacture cause for war with that nation.

Gordon Brown and his parliamentary minions display somewhat more subtlety, but are unflinching in their demands for stiffer sanctions – because Iran dares to do exactly what Britain and the US have been doing for years, enriching uranium.

If any good can ever come from the debacle that passes for US/UK military intervention in Iraq, it can only be in the exposé of lies, disinformation, and deceit that continue to pour unchecked from the mouths of political leaders on both sides of the Atlantic.

Is it not time the British and American public stopped to consider the consequences of voting into office these devotees of closed and dishonest government?

[1] “Iranians seize 15 UK Marines in Gulf”, Times Online, March 23rd, 2007

[2] Times Online, April 17th, 2008

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