3 Replies to “And Still…”

  1. It’s unbelievably bad. They’ll repair the damage and carry on as though it was just a one-off tragic oddity, ignoring the droughts, the fires, the increasing violence of storms and peculiar weather patterns, the loss of ice in the arctic, etc etc etc. No doubt They’re also planning some enclave, somewhere They consider They will remain safe when it all comes down on us at once – down upon the once Great Unwashed.

  2. WWW – NO, I hadn’t seen that, but I did read the Guardian article. Do these people truly believe the climate will wait till oil runs out and the petroleum companies need some ‘cleaner’ way to make their money? Or, until gasoline becomes so expensive only the top one percent will be able to run cars? The saddest of all is that it’s ordinary people, listening to the idiots pushing their own crazed agendas, who are keeping the subject politically toxic. Partly to blame are the environmental groups who went along with Obama’s decree. They should have pushed even harder – kept the issue in the public domain. Instead, it’s been allowed to lose focus. That is, until Sandy came along. Hopefully, if any good can come from the misery and suffering caused by this storm, it will be in reawakening the climate debate as a serious political issue. Though, I fear Americans will rapidly lapse back into complacency once the media lose interest in the aftermath of this storm.

    Twilight – Sandy is yet another glaring example of how the ‘Great Unwashed’ will be left to suffer, while the well-off rapidly repair their homes and carry on with their comfortable existence. Katrina showed it all too clearly. When the really big one finally comes, the one that’s too big to rebuild, that destroys the infrastructure totally, the one percent will be well prepared, arrogantly content to leave the rest of us to our fate.

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