And So It Goes On……

Iraq descends further into chaos today as a round-the-clock curfew in Baghdad, due to end at sunrise Sunday, is extended indefinitely.

The flaunted assault by the Iraqi military on Sections of al Sadr’s Mahdi army in Basra has reached a stalemate. Despite the US media’s broadcasting of erroneous statements to its citizens, suggesting the Iraqis were engaging the Basra militias without assistance from the US military, American warplanes have been bombing and strafing the city, and the BBC reports tonight that British troops have now entered the battle.

Once again, this abominable occupation creates havoc for innocent Iraqi civilians desperately attempting to reconstruct their lives in the face of never-ending terror, suffering, and death; an innocent nation torn asunder by the ravages of an illegal invasion and occupation that has lasted five, desperate, years and holds no hope of returning to normality for decades to come.

America is determined to remain in Iraq. Of that, there can be no doubt. So long as the country is occupied, insurgents will retaliate against the oppressors.

The plan designed by those who laid their signatures to the US Project for the New American Century, a plan to take control in the Middle East, secure oil pipelines, and become the dominant force in the area, has proved a dismal failure, resulting in the loss, so far, of 4,000 Americans and an undefined, but enormously high, number of deaths among Iraqi civilians. That figure may be vague at best, but it has produced one statistic that has been accurately calculated: the number of orphans in Iraq now tops five million.

America, under George W Bush, has likely underscored its place in history alongside the atrocities of Nazi Germany and those of the Rwandan genocide of 1994, by its illegal occupation of a sovereign nation innocent of any act of aggression.

The damage is done, yet continues to be done. Removal of US troops from Iraq would not mark the end of violence in that country. It would merely mark the beginning of the end. Some degree of civil war is inevitable. It cannot be avoided. So long as a US presence is allowed to remain, the resulting suppression will lead to continuing low level violence ad infinitum.

Get out, America! As in Vietnam, where you interfered and got burned, so Iraqis are proving that, despite culture differences, humans beings everywhere have one thing in common: an aversion to foreigners marching in and taking over their lands.

NOTE: this, posted yesterday on an Iraqi website:[1]

“The main Sadrist spokesman al-Obeidi has said that the GZG government “have closed the doors to dialogue for a peaceful resolution of the crisis in Basrah.” He said that al Sadr has issued a statement saying that Bush’s statements on the crisis provide legitimate legal grounds for the Mahdi army and the Sadrist current to transform their role from calling for peaceful mediation of the crisis to the defender of the rights of the people and to protect innocent civilians.
Sadrists also confirmed a delegation of the Central Bureau of the Sadrist office in Najaf visited Grand Ayatollah Al-Sistani and discussed with him developments in the security situation in Basra. Sistani expressed displeasure of the deteriorating performance of the government in the areas of security and economy.”

It seems al Sadr’s six month ceasefire may be over.

[1] Gorilla’s Guides, March 29th, 2008

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3 Replies to “And So It Goes On……”

  1. A hopeless mire of murder and mayhem, the only winners being the Bush Mafia and their partners in crime, the oil companies and Haliburton with their untendered contracts.
    I’m rather sad (and ashamed, if truth be known) about it all today – my granddaughter and friends feel so hopeless about this sorry world we’re turning over to them….

  2. Oh, come now, R.J… don’t be such a party-pooper!
    Just when it was all starting to work!

    After all, in the end run, Israel gets rid of the Iraqis, the US gets rid of its poor, and the five people left get to divvie up all of Iraq’s black treasure.

    No doubt these social visionaries will use their wealth to further human evolution with a small, select group of who they consider to be superior.

    So cheer up, dear boy.
    It’s all for the best, see?

  3. WWW -yes, what a mess we’re leaving for the next generation. One can only hope they exercise a little more commonsense than our lot.

    Anan – welcome, dear friend. I just knew I could rely on you to raise the spirits. Me, I think I’ll stick with the whisky!

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