America Still Has Its Neanderthals

The state of America today is aptly represented by the foul-mouthed, ignorant, knuckle-dragging, Neanderthals so heavily indoctrinated by the Limbaugh’s and Beck’s of this country, who see fit to make abusive telephone threats to politicians not prepared to do their evil bidding.

Whatever one’s opinion of Bart Stupak (and the writer has an extremely low opinion of the man) he no more deserves to be subjected to this……

Congressman Stupak, you baby-killing mother f***er… I hope you bleed out your a**, got cancer and die, you mother f***er.[1]

……than any other human being, in America or elsewhere.

The individuals responsible for such abuse (and there were many) are obviously unfit to be members of any civilized society. Many of us hold strong viewpoints on matters political, and it’s for that exact reason democracy was invented. When a minority, of which these people are members, uses threats of violence and intimidation to procure their wishes, democracy falls apart and fascism takes over.

The abortion debate in America is wildly out of control. It has lost any credibility as a worthy movement and has, instead, become no more than a tool of the far-right; a stick to beat the opposition.

Mainly due to the involvement of megalomaniac preachers whipping up fervor among TV congregations, and certain talk-radio jocks lying through their teeth to an already fanatical audience of brain-dead punters, the issue of abortion is only useful politically as a means to split America right down the middle.

Those who hold the reins of power in this nation have used similar tactics successfully for years. Hate is a far more virulent and effective power than love, and hate has been the means of pitting one American against the other politically for generations.

Regarded logically, whatever the pros and cons of the abortion (Pro-Life) debate, support for America’s preemptive wars, large scale assassination of innocent civilians, and the blood-lust of the death penalty – all viewed by many US citizens as perfectly acceptable occupations – negates utterly the arguments these same individuals continuously voice in favor of banning abortion.

Whether one favors abortion rights, or not, it is first and foremost a decision only properly to be made by women. In the 21st century, no man should dare to express so much as an opinion on the subject.

How often do we see men at Republican rallies, declaring, “I’m Pro-Life?” Probably, after a long conversation with their compatriots on how well the Iraq war is progressing, how many Taliban were killed last week, or “Thank God we executed that evil murdering bastard in Texas, yesterday.”

It’s doubtful men will lose the power to decide what women do with their own bodies, at anytime in the near future. They could at least learn not to differentiate, though, between human life and – human life. ‘Pro-Life’ should mean exactly that.

The health care bill recently passed by the US government will save lives. Personally, the writer would choose to preserve conscious, fully functioning, life outside the womb rather than give precedence to a small bunch of fetal cells lying deep within a woman’s uterus.

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to understand how foul-mouthed, ignorant, knuckle-dragging, Neanderthals could find it difficult to reach that sort of decision.

[1] “Bart Stupak Received Threatening Messages for Health Care Vote” CBS News, March 26th 2010

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2 Replies to “America Still Has Its Neanderthals”

  1. ‘Pro-Life’ has been an unfortunate choice of words all along. It has nothing to do with the mother’s life, but everything to do with using her body as a breeding machine. It has nothing to do with the 18 year old soldier’s life on the battlefield or the lives of tens of thousands of children sacrificed to ‘collateral damage’ in illegal warmongering.

  2. I 100% agree, RJ!

    ‘Let’s keep the fetuses ‘cos we need ’em to send to furrin parts to kill others who aren’t ‘Murrican. ‘ (Or something like that must be at the back of their minds).

    I grumbled many times as we drove through Texas during past days, seeing billboards telling us to “Save the Fetus” or “Life Begins at Conception” and suchlike.
    These people are brainwashed, RJ. They never, ever, get other opinions thrown at them in equal measure. This truly is pure brainwash.

    If I were rich and could afford to buy some billboard space I’d go around putting the opposing viewpoint on the next board.
    (And probably get myself arrested!)

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